Renal colic treatment and reasons

Renal colic treatment if suddenly ached lumbar region, and this feeling goes into the groin area and genitals, then most likely, it is an attack of renal colic, which is typical for any disease of the body.As a rule, it can occur at any time.Sometimes it may be preceded by discomfort in the kidneys.In this article we look at why may occur renal colic, treatment of the syndrome.Let's talk about what to do if an attack caught you by surprise.

What is it and why there

Renal colic - a reaction to the pathology that causes the termination of the outflow of urine from the body.It may provoke pus, stone, tumor.Renal colic, treatment which can only be done by eliminating the "blockage" of the pelvis can occur for the following reasons:

1. Urolithiasis contributes to a traffic violation in the upper urinary tract.
2. neoplasm of the kidney.
3. Tuberculosis of the body.
4. pyelonephritis (inflammation and damage of the renal pelvis).
5. hydronephrosis (an increase of the renal pelvis and calyces).
6. Nephroptosis (displaceme

nt of the kidney).
7. Polycystic (changing the structure of the kidney).
8. provoke an attack of colic may be too intense exercise, such as weight lifting, weight training, and so on.

Removing renal colic Symptoms

Renal colic, treatment of which will be discussed below, occurs spontaneously, sharply.With its appearance, you feel:

• sharp stabbing pain in the lumbar region, smack in the groin area, the upper parts of the legs;
• bloated feeling;
• frequent urination, the process itself is often accompanied by pain;
• nausea, which can cause vomiting reflex.


attack begins with acute low back pain, which then moves to the genitourinary system and legs.Status of renal colic can pass on their own after a few days, and the patient will not find a place to feel the relief, the aggravation.If the phenomenon was caused by pyelonephritis, it may be a rise in temperature.


How to treat renal colic How to treat renal colic?The most effective means to be warm and painkillers.Before elimination of symptoms, it is important to ensure that there is indeed a renal colic, but not inflammation, thermal effect which can only exacerbate it.For heating, you can use a regular heating pad, which should be applied to the problem area.You can also take a hot bath.Removing renal colic with medications?To relieve symptoms and pain using the following formulations: "diclofenac" "Baralgin" "atropine", "No-spa", "Spazdolzin" "Analfig" and "Pipolphenum".However, the medicine should be careful before applying them wiser to consult a doctor for advice.Renal colic, treatment is better not to hold yourself, pregnancy is extremely dangerous, because it can cause rejection of the fetus and early childbirth.In such a situation should immediately call a doctor at home.