Sharp pains in the chest?

Most often complain of pain in the chest, our hectic, frustrating for any occasion or without it, grandmother.Gain its own set of chronic ailments, older women often worry because that heart sticking.But usually they quickly pass without serious consequences and health risks.

Men and women after forty

Chest Pain Another thing - men.Testing high loads, holding emotions and accumulating experience, women are more difficult to tolerate stressful situations in life.Serious decisions and take responsibility for yourself always, that in the end can lead to serious disease manifests itself as a feeling of intense pain in the chest.This is because our body has a system of showing the least resistance in a difficult situation.They are always the first to suffer.Men are approaching the age of forty, often begin to feel a sudden pain arising in the breast, which is caused by the weakness of the cardiovascular system.In this case, women have more protection.High levels of estrogen prolongs their childbearing age to fi

fty-five years or more.This is a protection against atherosclerosis, a barrier to the development of coronary heart disease.Men have no such protective agent.

As coronary problems occur in men?

Chest pain when you press

Expressing determination and constantly striving to develop leadership skills, men are showing the will to win.They are gambling and tasteful living, even in advanced age is not always a positive effect on their health.As a result, we see that, after forty years, the majority of men more nutritional standards.Loaded problems, many of them per day smoke a pack of cigarettes.At the same time they should not eat regularly, and how it goes.But this heavy cart of problems they have to take, constantly overcoming of family and disassembly.It was then that they are increasingly starting to feel that pain in the chest on the right, then to the left or below the shoulder blade.

Tranquility - that's the main rule for feeling severe pain in the chest

Ladies and gentlemen of middle age!Remember the rules that will help you survive in a situation where Aching in the right chest suddenly begins to miss the air and there was a pain in the chest.By clicking on the stomach, it can be amplified.As the medical practice, the reason for this may be not only the nature of the disease of heart, but also a stomach ulcer, cholecystitis, renal failure, angina, and pancreatitis.So the main thing - do not need to panic.Most people die from some little things just because of the fact that much scared.And others, demonstrating composure survive in difficult traffic accidents, where the salvation and speech could not be.So, feeling a lot of pain in the chest, try to breathe deeply, then count to ten to calm yourself.Then ask you to call an ambulance, warning that you felt pain in the heart.Before the arrival of the doctor, no one take a single pill, even if they are the most effective.