Acute heart failure

By the nature of the current heart failure is as acute and chronic.Localization primary lesion body - left ventricular and right ventricular.heart failure These are caused by its symptoms and course.

Acute heart failure: causes

it arises as a result of the sudden weakening of the myocardium to contract.It may occur after excessive physical exertion.It may also be the consequence of an acute disease process that occurred in the body (myocarditis, myocardial infarction).Not the least role in creating it plays a disruption of the cerebral cortex.The fact that the nervous system significantly affects the operation and myocardial metabolism.Does it and those compensatory factors that determine the load falling on the heart.In this matter, and the interaction of two disorders of the nervous system.Chronic heart failure, on the contrary, develops gradually.congestive heart failure causes Eventually myocardium loses its ability to reduce as a result of it occurring in degenerative changes.

Left ventricular heart failure

its leading symptom is

shortness of breath.It comes not just after a little physical effort, but even in a state of absolute rest.To her leads pulmonary congestion.Stimulation of the respiratory center caused by the overflow of blood capillaries.During asthma attacks patients are blue, covered with cold sweat.Cardiac asthma often leads to pulmonary edema.Their low back sections are heard wheezing, stands pink, frothy sputum.

right heart failure

In this case, pronounced stagnation occurs in the veins of the circulatory system.The rate of blood flow decreases and the tissue continues intensively consume oxygen, which leads to Acrocyanosis.acute heart failure, acute care first appear swelling in the lower limbs, and then they accumulate in cavities (hydropericarditis, ascites, hydrothorax).As a result, congestion is increasing in size and the liver, which eventually leads to cirrhosis.Hidden edema found in the re-weighting of the patient.About stagnation in the kidneys shows microscopic hematuria and albuminuria.The body is water retention.

Acute heart failure: acute care

Before the arrival of the brigade kardioreanimatsii it is as follows.First of all, you need to calm the patient.Every few minutes the blood pressure should be monitored and given under the tongue 2-3 nitroglycerin tablets to improve.And it will testify to the pressure drop, easing wheezing.In most cases, these actions sufficiently.But if they are ineffective, preparing a 1% solution of morphine and administered intravenously in a volume of 1-2 ml.Further blood pressure checked.If it is not low, it is possible to administer intravenously 1% solution of furosemide (2-8 ml).When mixed use asthma medications "Prednisolone" or "Hydrocortisone".If it is accompanied by bronchospasm, injected drug solution "Eufillin."In order to provide anti-arrhythmic and cardiac effects of cardiac glycosides are used.