Is it possible for pregnant women to cut their hair

Pregnancy is associated with a lot of superstition, and one of the most common - a ban on haircuts.What is actually the ban, superstition, or regulations that must be followed?Can you cut hair pregnant?Let's try to sort out this issue in more detail.

actually about haircuts medicine during pregnancy any advice and recommendations does not.Stritch during pregnancy or not - a private matter of each person, but any medical professional will tell you that a haircut is no way (either positively or negatively) will not affect the pregnancy.

But where did this superstition? As usual - from time immemorial.Our ancestors, from whom we are separated Goals were sure that the hair is protected from the cold.In addition, it was believed that hair concealed vitality of man.You can recall at least the biblical character Samson, who treacherous Delilah otstrigla hair, and what happened to him - he had lost his strength.

can recall about another tradition, when the girls were walking with long braids, and there was

no greater shame than publicly circumcised braids her husband or father.

was also believed that the hair is somewhat "screen" protection from evil evil eye, from demons and so on.The woman during pregnancy in this respect the most vulnerable, and if more and eliminate the protection of the hair, then the situation can become very sad ...

In general, signs and superstitions associated with hair clippers, really a lot.Moreover, the procedures around the hair permanently there were a lot of myths, for example, comb and wash your hair could only on certain days.

Today, fortunately, we realize that the hair does not save us from the cold.In addition, if necessary, we can always wear cap.We also know that it is not in their hair hidden life force.So why many expectant mothers pass hairdresser almost with your eyes closed?

Unfortunately, many women still believe that the haircut during pregnancy can not be that haircut could lead to a loss of vitality, life-shortening, the risk of losing wealth that haircut could adversely affect the course of pregnancy, the child's development.And even the most powerful argument - his own reflection in the mirror, which is persistently asked in a beauty salon, an alarm is not always.

try to bring a few arguments in favor of the need to cut one's hair during pregnancy .

Pending expectant mother baby body produces special hormones that are responsible for the growth and strengthening of hair.As a result, a pregnant woman "acquires" a thick and beautiful hair, which for obvious reasons difficult to leave - what woman would willingly part with a dense, shiny, smooth hair.But, on the other hand, the hair (all) have the unpleasant property split - if you do not want to cut one's hair, to completely change their style, image, at least trim the ends periodically necessary.

In addition, it must be remembered that the hair grow unevenly, so from time to time you need to shape your hair, otherwise, the expectant mother will look very untidy, and after pregnancy is not a reason to forget that you're a woman.Do not deny yourself the opportunity to catch yourself admiring glances of passing men - this is a very positive effect on our mood.

By the way, the mood .Few things can match the power of the impact on our mood, as an opportunity to go shopping, go to a beauty salon, "work" with their own appearance.Another thing is that experimenting with hairstyles during pregnancy is not always appropriate - emotional background while waiting for the baby is unstable, and predict your reaction to the unusual hairstyle for you no one can - not worth the risk, because the haircut you just can not please, andYou're upset.But frustration, resentment, hysteria on the state of the baby in the tummy is not well recognized.In other words, try to keep the image in which you are comfortable.

For this reason, it is recommended to go to the same barber-stylist, who knows exactly what you need, and how you can achieve the desired result.

very carefully and seriously need to approach the selection of a beauty salon.Inside, you'll spend a certain time, dropping into here in different periods of pregnancy, so it is very important that you feel comfortable here.

Summarizing all the above, we note that the haircut during pregnancy is not only possible, but necessary.But experiments with his hair is better to postpone at that time, until your baby is not born yet ...

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