Geksoral during pregnancy

Geksoral is antiseptic formulation intended for topical application.On the shelves of pharmacies Geksoral today possible to find a solution for gargling, as a spray for oral irrigation as tablets.The drug may be prescribed for ENT and dental diseases.When obrabatyvanii oral mucosa Geksoralom able to achieve complete sterilization of the oral cavity, respectively, destroys all bacteria.But it should be understood that useful bacteria, immunity, are also destroyed, which makes the oral mucosa vulnerable.

Modern doctors say that Geksoral proved to be excellent in the treatment of adults and children. Most patients also experienced rapid and pronounced effect, no side effects.But there is a category of patients for whom it is important not only efficacy but also its complete safety - we are talking about pregnant women.Can I use Geksoral during pregnancy?

To date, information on how Geksoral can affect a woman's body, on the development, the health of her baby, no.Until now, there were no studies so no

data even about whether the drug penetrates the placenta or not - of course, this is a significant disadvantage for Geksoral, as you will not know what to expect from such a treatment.That is why to make their own Geksoral not be - it is mandatory to consult a doctor, who carefully weigh the risks and assess the need for administration of the drug.

Yet the drug is widely used in the Russian practice as an antiseptic local impact, including in the treatment of pregnant women.Often doctors recommend domestic Geksoral as a drug for the prevention of acute respiratory infections, as a means of first aid for sore throat, sore throat at the beginning, when emerging coughing.

As a rule, the dosage is one injection for one or two seconds - in the case of a spray.As for the solution, it is used by adults undiluted: 10-15 ml rinse solution to be in the mouth for one to two minutes.It is advisable to carry out these manipulations in the morning and evening after meals.If after three days after starting treatment Geksoralom relief does not come, you must refuse to accept the product immediately and contact their physician.

As is the case with any other drug before use Geksoral, you should carefully read the instructions, pay special attention to contraindications and side effects.Contraindications Geksoral bit - basically we are talking about possible allergic reactions to certain components of the preparation.

For example, the tablets Geksoral include benzocaine, which may, among other things, and cause anaphylactic shock.Toddlers use of benzocaine can sometimes trigger the development of methemoglobinemia - the state, accompanied by blueness of the mucous membranes and skin, the development of suffocation.

case of overdose of benzocaine suppressed the work of the brain.During the suppression of the respiratory center can be caused by a coma.The increased amount of the drug can lead to bradycardia, cardiac arrest.However, it is unlikely you will be able to casually enjoy a number of tablets Geksoral that it might have been the case to such serious complications.However, the effect on the fetus has not been studied as benzocaine - so if you accidentally took too much the amount of drug necessary to provoke vomiting, stomach wash.It will not hurt as and activated carbon.

And another important point - and the solution to rinse and spray Geksoral in its composition contain alcohol, that constrains many clinicians when administering the drug to pregnant women, since alcohol is contraindicated during pregnancy, especially in the early stages.In any case, consult a physician.

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