Kanefron during pregnancy

During pregnancy, many women pay more attention to their health - and such liability is justified and natural, because care in this period is not only about themselves but also about their baby.Unfortunately, even the most careful and responsible future mothers are sometimes faced with the necessity of reception of drugs.

example, often require medical treatment during pregnancy, diseases of the genitourinary system, kidney, aggravated by pregnancy - during pregnancy the female body experiences increased load on the urinary system, which leads to exacerbations of chronic indolent disease of the bladder and kidneys.In addition, the increased load can lead to the development of renal disease, even in those women who prior to pregnancy with similar diseases not encountered.Delay treatment can not - like disease not only causes discomfort to the woman, but also adversely affect the baby. Often kidney diseases, urogenital system, modern doctors prescribe Kanefron .

What is this medicine?It is safe, it is

harmless to the body of a pregnant, for the growth and development of the baby?In this article we will try to answer these questions in detail.

So, Kanefron - the drug is completely herbal , so doctors prescribe it today without any fears, worries - there are no side effects for the time of use of the drug in medicine still has not been revealed.The preparation consists of centaury, lovage, rosemary - all these plants represent neither the mother nor her baby no threat in any case, if taken in the recommended physician Kanefron doses without departing from the treatment regimen.Kanefron produced by special technology phytoneering, which has given the fullest opportunity to preserve the medicinal properties of plants.

This drug has antimicrobial and antibacterial action, produces a diuretic effect, and relieves spasms that gives every reason to assign kanefron in the treatment of pyelonephritis, cystitis, as a preventive measure to avoid the aggravation of chronic renal pathology of preeclampsia.

Since Kanefron boasts a diuretic effect, the reception of the drug leads to a reduction of edema, besides improving the general condition of the future mother, reduced back pain.

Experts say the absence of adverse reactions to the drug - during years of use kanefron pregnant women found no single case of a side effect.The only contraindication to receiving the drug could be called individual intolerance of its components.

One of the indisputable advantages of the drug is able to receive it for a long period , including lactation, which allows to pass a long, full prophylactic course, which will eliminate the possibility of exacerbation or emergence of diseases of the kidneys, urinary system, unwantedboth during pregnancy and after birth.

Another interesting point: Taking Kanefron during pregnancy together with antibiotics, you amplify the therapeutic effect of the last - in this case, the treatment will proceed more quickly and efficiently.

Kanefron - it is herbal, respectively, it is non-toxic, in addition, it does not cause allergies, but to make it yourself, especially during pregnancy is not recommended - the drug is only possible after the appointment of a specialist who can determine the need for drugs,as well as the radiation scheme, dosage.

Approximate regimen is in taking the drug for one tablet twice a day.If Kanefron administered as drops (drops contain alcohol, so pregnant usually prescribed tablets) - then twice a day for 50 drops.It should once again focus attention on the fact that you can not treat yourself - the drug is taken only on prescription and only in designated doses.Remember that even the most innocuous plants such as lovage and rosemary in large doses can have negative effects on pregnancy, child development.

Urinary tract infection is often accompanied by various complications of pregnancy, fetal abnormalities, so treatment should be mandatory.But the infection is necessary to identify, it is better - in the early stages, so do not neglect the delivery of urine, especially because such infections - a phenomenon quite frequent, occurring every fifth pregnant woman.Keep in mind that any disease is easier and faster it can be cured if the disease is detected at an early stage, so do not skip visits to the antenatal clinic, do not be lazy and take the tests - it is not only your health but also the health of your crumbs.

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