Insomnia during pregnancy

enough sleep - an integral part of a healthy way of life of each person.During pregnancy, sleep plays a more important role, as the sleepy expectant mother will feel tired and irritable, which will certainly have a negative impact on the condition of the baby.That's why insomnia during pregnancy is not only possible, but necessary fight.Another thing is that you can fight in different ways.For information on how to deal with insomnia is preferable, and will be discussed in this article ...

Thus, statistics in this respect disappointing: about 78% of expectant mothers during gestation baby experiencing sleep difficulties in the third trimester of insomnia affects about 97%Women .List the reasons that provoke the end of pregnancy insomnia, extensive enough: this pain, which do not give to relax, and it cramps in the legs, it is heartburn, shortness of breath, it is the endless desires in a toilet, and of course, it's kicks, pushes the baby,This many others both physiological and psychological reasons.

Many expectant mothers may toss and turn in bed for a long time and can not find a comfortable sleeping position - this also leads to the fact that in a short time, the women wake up, and then can not fall asleep.The situation is also aggravated and chronic fatigue, stress, fear of the upcoming birth ...

Conventionally there are three types of insomnia .There are starting insomnia when the expectant mother in the evening for a long time can not sleep, tossing and turning from side to side, and the clock can look at the ceiling (TV), reflecting on the events experienced during the day, making plans for the future, imagining what will be the birth, the firstmeeting with his crumbs.The second type of insomnia - the inability to save the state of a long sleep.A woman can go to sleep, but during the night may wake up several times, respectively, in the morning she would not feel rested.Finally, the third type of insomnia - insomnia final phase: a woman wakes up in the morning, and fall asleep again, no longer able to.

During pregnancy, women are mainly faced with starting insomnia: sleep with a heavy, big belly when the baby is constantly kicking when we always want to use the toilet, with each subsequent week of pregnancy is becoming increasingly difficult.But in any case it is necessary to deal with insomnia as the body replenish energy spent during the day, it is during sleep.According to experts, the daily requirement of pregnant women dream is about 10 hours, and regular sleep deprivation in order to avoid various problems should be compensated.

Learn to control sleep can .To do this, at least in general terms, to clarify its nature.But nature had a dream, like any other biological process - cyclical, and the phases are repeated at a constant frequency of 90-120 minutes.Slow and fast phase of sleep follow each other during the night about 4-6 times.The duration of REM sleep is about 10 minutes - during REM sleep the human brain becomes active, and we have dreams.If you wake up during REM sleep, the whole day you will feel tired and not enough sleep.By the way, a very interesting fact - phase alternate in one and the same time every night, even if you do not sleep.The most intense desire to sleep it occurs during REM sleep.That is, if you woke up in the night, and sleep did not succeed, you should know that a maximum of 2 hours (120 minutes) sleep will come back to you.While waiting for sleep, you can tie, read a book, listen to relaxing music.Forced to push yourself you can not sleep - as experience shows, it is the surest way to finally wake up.But remember what time you start about rapid phase of sleep, it is desirable - so you can plan the most efficient schedule of sleep, going to bed when you expect a rapid phase of sleep.Can also calculate the best time to get up in the morning, the whole day to feel rested.

What if torturing insomnia during pregnancy

So, how to deal with insomnia during pregnancy ?First of all, do not treat ... What would be the perfect remedy for insomnia you are advised, whatever the drug did not help you before - without a prescription should not take any medication.Only a specialist will be able to pick up for you, if necessary, medication and assign it.But herbal remedies such as valerian, chamomile or motherwort, are welcome.

also worth to pay attention to the menu, to the fact that when you drink and eat.Try not to overload the stomach at night - dinner must be no later than and possibly easy.Before going to bed you can drink a glass of milk with honey or herbal tea made from lavender, licorice, thyme, chamomile, mint, licorice, lemon balm.But the hops used in the broth is not recommended.Juices of radish, turnips, beets and honey will be very useful.An excellent remedy for insomnia would be infusion of herbs celery: Celery twenty grams of boiled water, then half an hour insist, filter.Drink this infusion should be three times a day for a third cup.

should also try to create a home a calm and cozy atmosphere - stress, overexertion, scandals, showdown, and other emotional load you absolutely nowhere.But everyday exercise is welcome as it improves circulation and is good for the nervous system.

In case you are used to sleep during the day, try to either opt out of the habit to sleep at night or nap time to reduce to a minimum.

Prepare the room for sleep.The most favorable conditions for a strong full sleep - it's a little cool, well-ventilated area.If the weather allows, it is better to sleep with an open window.Pay special attention to the choice of pajamas - it must be made of natural fabrics and comfortable to nowhere peredavlivala that night you were not confused there.You can overlaid several pillows - it will help you take the most comfortable position during sleep.If the night the baby begins to push, kick, try to change the situation, you will probably have blocked the access of air to the kid.Experts recommend expectant mothers to sleep on your left side - but this advice is not for everyone, all individually.

promotes full sleep well and evening walks in the fresh air.Excellent tool for sleep becomes an easy relaxing massage on the feet, waist, back.

Remove tired pregnant woman can with the help of a shower or a warm bath.Relax helps and aromatherapy - arrange in the bedroom or bath relaxing incense or place far away from the pillow on which you sleep, a pillow stuffed with thyme, buckwheat husk, hazel leaves or laurel, pine needles, flowers, Helichrysum, grass geranium, checkers hops, rose petals.

course, does not necessarily carry out all the above recommendations at the same time.It is better to choose for themselves a couple of effective methods and learn to sleep peacefully.Remember that restful sleep is essential not only you but also your baby.

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