How to choose a garment steamer

In every house there is certainly an indispensable device, such as iron, with which you can quickly and easily put in order almost any memory thing.However, such a device has many disadvantages, one of which is the need to adjust the temperature.If this is not done, a blouse made of thin chiffon can easily burn a hole or leave scorch marks on your favorite trousers made of natural wool.Similar cases - are not uncommon, especially if the person is in a hurry and do not pay attention to such things as operating temperature of the iron.Today, however, on such issues can easily protect yourself, if you buy steamer - a device that is very carefully straightens creases on any fabric and that does not cause it harm.Plus, to steamer need not get bulky ironing board, as ironed skirt jacket or can even if they hang on a hanger.However, the steamer just in case will be your indispensable assistant, if you have selected the correct device, given its features and specifications.

Types steamers and their purpose

Modern steamers are of two types - manual and floor.The first option is ideal for use while traveling or business trips, as it has very modest dimensions and fits easily into a travel bag.However, it should be borne in mind that the capacity of such a device is small and typically does not exceed 900 watts.This device is equipped with a miniature water tank, which is designed for approximately 10-15 minutes continuous steamer.In field conditions this is enough to put in order business suit or a beach tunic, mash in a suitcase during the flight.However, manual steamer can be successfully used in the home, combining it with an iron .This option combination is ideal for delicate things that smoothen the usual manner is extremely problematic.

Floor steamer commonly used for industrial purposes in the garment factories.These models have a capacity of over 1,800 watts and are designed to work with all types of fabrics.Recently, however, went on sale and household floor steamers, which resemble conventional vacuum cleaner, but it does not involve itself in the air, but on the contrary, generate steam.Such devices usually have a capacity of up to 1800 watts and can be used with different types of clothing.This arrangement works fine pleated summer dress on air and at the same time can result in the order jacket or duvet dented in the closet.Which of the options steamer prefer, you decide.However, if you are very sensitive to their own clothes and still care about making blankets, curtains and bedspreads in the house always look perfect, it is better to stop the choice on outdoor version, more powerful and convenient to use at home.

modes, the volume of the reservoir and ergonomics

Many household steamers have multiple modes of operation that are designed to smooth out the various types of tissue.However, in practice, the differences in what the intensity of the flow of hot moist air is used for the treatment of clothes, no, if the power of the device does not exceed 1,800 watts.Therefore, in order to save money, you can do single-mode steamer, which will cost about a quarter cheaper than its counterpart with two, three or four operating modes.This function is relevant only in professional units designed for garment factories and ateliers.However, for everyday needs such steamers acquire economically unfeasible.

If you want to use such a device often , the steamer when buying pay attention to the volume of the tank, which is designed for water.What it is, the less likely you will have to fill the steamer.Thus, the capacity of 1.5 liters enables continuous operation of the apparatus for 1 hour.As a rule, it is enough to put in order the entire wardrobe, as well as take care of the home interior.When it comes to manual stripper, in which case it should be noted that the volume of the tank is directly dependent on the size of the device.Therefore, in this case, you should seek a middle ground, giving preference to models which are able to accommodate not more than 0.5 liters of water.

ergonomics is also very important when it comes to buying this type of appliances.If you have decided to stop the choice on outdoor version, it is important to draw attention to the flexibility and the length of the hose, as well as the shape of the nozzle, which should be placed comfortably in the hand.In addition, the tank unit should be fairly easy and maneuverable, or work with him would be extremely uncomfortable.The manual otpariyvateya important to pay attention to the options in the form of a sliding bar or sliding the "coat hanger" that will handle things in the most remote areas - armpits, on the lapels and pockets in the area.

Options steamer: the little things that can be useful

Different sorts Steamers complementary device device, which greatly facilitate the process of bringing things back in order.Of course, many of the items included in your package, you can easily find yourself.But it's much nicer to buy otparyvatel that, for example, is equipped with a brush to remove dust and dirt from the clothes hanger for clothes or Teflon glove that protects hands from burns.Of course, no such details can easily be dispensed with, which, for example, is not true of a special nozzle Trouser-clamp which allows grab the fabric and thus save on the product so-called "arrow".In addition, an indispensable tool is a special foot-nozzle collar and pockets, which is enclosed inside out and allows very high quality steam the clothes these details.

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