Miramistin during pregnancy

Unfortunately, no one is immune from health problems.Expectant mothers as well.However, if in a normal state, we can choose among a huge number of drugs that can help to quickly and effectively deal with almost any disease, the during pregnancy choice of drugs is very, very limited.

Many expectant mothers, worrying not only for their health but also the health of their crumbs, very skeptical of various drugs, even if they are prescribed by a doctor, and often do refuse treatment.Others happily engaged in self-treatment, and information on the Internet, tips girlfriends, relatives perceived as a reason for action.These are the two extremes.Stop taking medications prescribed by your doctor, do not always advisable, since the lack of treatment can lead to much more serious complications than medication.With regard to self - there is no question and there should be: all drugs should be administered only physician based on the individual characteristics of your body, pregnancy and so on.

In any case, additional knowledge about a particular drug is not hurt.In this article, we will focus on Miramistin.

Miramistin In modern medicine used to prevent and treat a variety of diseases - mainly those that are sexually transmitted.In addition, the drug used in the treatment of thrush, inflammation of the female genital organs, with festering wounds after childbirth and so on.

course, doctors will not prescribe medicines just like that - but for a good reason.During pregnancy with hormonal changes may develop infectious diseases, in particular inflammation of the genital organs.Therefore, many gynecologists prescribe Miramistin also pregnant women.

If you look at the instructions in the drug, the contraindications for receiving Miramistin pregnant women, we do not find anything. However, it should be borne in mind that research on the impact of the drug on the fetus has not been any.Accordingly, to speak about guaranteed security to the fetus in this case is impossible.Another important point: during pregnancy douching is strictly prohibited and Miramistin in many diseases of the genital tract is introduced into the body in this way.

Among other things, Miramistin now widely used in otorhinolaryngology.The drug is available in the form of a spray, it is different antimicrobial action.Assign Miramistin can the treatment of rhinitis, sore throat, flu, colds.However, even non-pregnant women of our doctors do not recommend taking the drug without consulting a specialist.In the case of pregnant women is not about the recommendations and about the inviolability of the rule.

Do not forget that if you are hypersensitive to the drug, taking Miramistin impossible in any case.And this is just one of the reasons why the drug should be conducted only on prescription, and only under its strict control.

Any attempt at self even the most innocuous at first glance, the drug can lead to disastrous consequences - not risk your health, the health of your baby, take any medication only after consulting with an experienced qualified doctor who will be able to choose for you the most efficient meanswhich will not affect the course of your pregnancy, a condition, the health of your baby.

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