Oxolinic ointment during pregnancy

during the epidemic of SARS unable to protect themselves from the disease is very little.In high-risk pregnant women fall, which reduced immunity.The situation becomes even more complicated when you consider that during pregnancy the majority of drugs are prohibited.

One of the most popular therapeutic and preventive agents for a long time is Oxolinic ointment, which today during epidemics are many of us.And expectant mothers, in an effort to reduce the risk of infection, including.The desire to protect themselves from the virus is quite clear - even such familiar to us illness, like a cold, could adversely affect the baby's growth and development, lead to serious complications.

Many doctors are also trying to protect pregnant women from contracting the virus, often is prescribed oxolinic ointment.What is this drug?So whether it is safe for the baby, as is commonly believed?Do oxolinic ointment contraindications, side effects?We will try in this article to find the answers to all these questions.

So oxoline is a synthetic substance acting on the basis of which are developed and manufactured products for the treatment and prevention of various viral diseases.Based oxoline produced and Oxolinic ointment and Oksonaftilin and Tetraksolin.

action of this substance is based on the deactivation of the virus.Of course, we are not talking about all types of viruses, but only about herpes virus, influenza, adenovirus.Pathogenic bacteria that enter the nasal mucosa during inspiration, meet oxoline, and simply can not "go" on the body, adversely affect the cells.Thus, the virus is not able to get a deeper airways, respectively, to multiply there, he also can not.All bacteria still paralyzed by the entrance.

Of course, this explanation of the process steps oxoline very schematically, but are transferred correctly.

On the shelves of pharmacies can be found today oxolinic ointment with various percentages of active ingredient oxoline - 0.25%, 0.5%, 1% and 3%.

oxolinic ointment can not only handle the mucosa in the prevention and treatment of viral diseases, but also the ointment may be used in the treatment of herpes simplex, viral skin diseases.

for prevention of influenza should be lubricated with ointment nasal mucosa before each leave home, especially if you are planning to go to crowded places - in shops, theaters, public transport and so on.It is necessary to lay into each nasal passage a little ointment and gently rub it.When it comes to prevention, it is enough to lay the ointment twice daily.If you struggle with viral rhinitis mucous must be treated 2-3 times a day for three days.

One should not forget to wash off the remains of the ointment after returning home.Ointment is washed off with warm water.

total duration of use of oxolinic ointment to prevent the disease is 25 days.

As for the possibility of using oxolinic ointment during pregnancy - instructions no guidance on this point.Among the side effects noted only a burning sensation after applying ointment oxolinic in case of hypersensitivity to the drug.However, in the "Pregnancy and lactation" it indicates that the use of the ointment is only advisable if the potential benefit to the mother is greater than the potential risk for the baby.

Keep in mind that studies evaluating the potential for adverse effects on the fetus ointment, still has not been .Therefore, the destination and use of ointments conducted entirely at your own risk.

However, despite the lack of studies, modern doctors without any fear appoint oxolinic ointment expectant mothers, assuring that its use is possible on any pregnancy, and no adverse effects on the fetus ointment has not.Undoubtedly the fact that untreated disease will much more negative effect on the development of the baby than the ointment, so it is still to protect the organism growing in the womb the baby from the virus.

In any case, even if we are talking about such a simple, harmless and familiar for many of us means as Oxolinic ointment, use it for the prevention or treatment of a viral disease is possible only after consultation with the doctor - for its intended use, andunder its strict control.

And remember - much simpler and easier to prevent any disease, rather than treat it then, especially, that the choice of drugs during pregnancy is limited.Use oxolinic ointment, try to rarely happen in crowded enclosed spaces, and more - in the open air, and the risk of transmission of viral diseases will be significantly reduced.

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