Oscillococcinum during pregnancy

cold - quite usual for us to disease.And, as many believe, is quite harmless.However, the situation changes radically when it comes to colds pregnant woman.Moreover, that the disease can lead to serious complications and even as many drugs, including folk remedies in this period is prohibited to use.However, not to be treated also can not - it can end in tears for the child.Therefore it is necessary to carefully analyze the permitted during pregnancy cough and antiviral drugs, and choose the best means - in this case, remember that the self is unacceptable, you should consult your doctor.

Very often the treatment of viral and colds modern doctors prescribe homeopathic granules Oscillococcinum .The drug is an extract of liver and heart barbariyskoy duck.Also, the product contains lactose and sucrose.

should be noted that the concentration of active substance in the preparation is small enough as not to forget - as a remedy for advanced disease Oscillococcinum unlikely to be effective.However, as a pr

eventive agent as a therapeutic agent in the initial stages of viral infections or common cold it is quite suitable.

necessary to take into account that the clinical studies that confirm the effectiveness of the drug, to date no .Moreover, traditional medicine doctors say that the homeopathic preparation except sugar nothing, and the efficiency of granules based rather on the placebo effect, i.e., to self-suggestion.This Oscillococcinum granules are completely safe, especially during pregnancy, and even if the effect is due to psychological factors, there is nothing wrong - most importantly, that this effect was.Another thing that Oscillococcinum is quite expensive "pleasure" and because to accept it or not, only you can decide.

But before you decide, you need to consider the views and homeopaths who believe that any homeopathic remedy, including Oscillococcinum, are effective, if properly taken.It is very important that these drugs do not have any adverse effects on the fetus, and thus allowed to be used for pregnant women.The only side effects that can accompany the drug - is an allergic reaction, so before you go to the pharmacy, it is mandatory to consult a doctor.

As mentioned above, taking Oscillococcinum better at an early stage, when you feel that you are just starting out, "unstuck."In this case, you need to put under the tongue one container (pellet) with the drug and wait until the medicine is completely dissolved.Thereafter, the capsules should be taken twice at intervals of six hours.

In that case, if the virus has proved to be, you need to drink a full course of the drug - in the morning and evening for one granule Oscillococcinum within one to three days.If, in spite of the drug, there is no improvement, must notify their physician.Take the granules should either fifteen minutes before a meal, or one hour after.

And finally, it should be said that many doctors argue that the drug helps only at the psychological level - that is, it comes to the placebo effect.However, women who have experienced the effectiveness of homeopathic medicine, with this opinion does not agree.Many women say that Oscillococcinum given to children who themselves inspire something can not, and the drug really helped.

In general, to decide on the advisability of taking the drug will be only you.Do not forget to take into account that the drug is completely safe, and the only thing, in fact, than you run the risk - it is their money (it is quite expensive homeopathic remedy).

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