Faringosept during pregnancy

modern man leads a very active life: the constant stress, chronic fatigue, unhealthy lifestyle, snacking "on the run" - all this has a negative impact on our immunity.So with colds and viral infections familiar to almost every one of us.Pregnant women fall into the high-risk group because they have immunity decreases even more.A stay at home to ward off infections, nine months will not work ... And if our usual cope with colds, viruses, most of us manage easily, then during pregnancy, many drugs are simply forbidden.Run the same disease is also impossible, since it can lead to serious complications of pregnancy can negatively affect the growth and development of the baby.

What to do?First of all, do not despair.Drugs that are approved for use during pregnancy, a little bit.But they are there.First of all, you need to know about what it means can be taken.And you need to start treatment as early as possible - at the first sign of malaise, the only way you will be able to provide the most effective and

safe treatment.

Application Faringosept pregnancy

So, if the nose is stuffed up, if the body temperature is raised if the tickle in my throat, you can start treatment with Faringosept .

Faringosept is an antiseptic that is used in the treatment of various diseases of the larynx and oral cavity caused by bacteria streptococcus, staphylococcus, pneumococcus.Doctors prescribe Faringosept to treat angina, stomatitis, pharyngitis, gingivitis and other viral and infectious diseases of the mouth and throat.

Faringosept able to reduce throat irritation , in addition, it suppresses the discomfort and pain when swallowing, relieves sore and so on.Special attention deserves the fact that this drug, according to modern doctors is completely harmless for future mothers - it can be taken at any stage, from the first weeks of pregnancy and ending with the last.Furthermore, it can be used during lactation.

Faringosept does not interact with other drugs, so it is often prescribed in combination with other agents for the treatment of colds.The tablets do not have a negative influence on the gastro-intestinal tract, not lead to the development of dysbiosis.It is very important that Faringosept not absorbed into the blood by acting entirely locally - that fact and declared its safety, safety for both the expectant mother and for her baby.

If you are diagnosed with pharyngitis, it is necessary to take 3-5 tablets a day Faringosept.Tablet thoroughly until complete dissolution absorbed - within half an hour after ingestion.We must try not to eat or drink for two to three hours after taking the drug to the active substance may act as efficiently as possible.

As if four or five days of Faringosept in your condition does not improve there have been, should stop taking the medication and consult your doctor.Incidentally, it is only necessary to take Faringospept after prescribing physician - during pregnancy the risk of allergic reactions increases, and the physician must carefully control the reaction to your body constituting the tablets and, if necessary (when an allergy) will be assigned to another drug.

However cases of allergic reactions to Faringosept extremely rare and modern doctors often prescribe this drug not only for treatment but also for prevention of infectious and viral diseases.The drug as a preventive agent and the risk of developing colds and viral diseases will minimize and you will be able to completely surrender to the expectation of a happy meeting with your baby.

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