Citramon during pregnancy

If you read the instructions in the tsitramon, means that you can find in the medicine cabinet of any modern person, we can see that this drug is contraindicated during the first and third trimester of pregnancy.Citramon also contraindicated during breastfeeding .

Can I take Citramon pregnant

Aspirin is teratogenic, so in the first trimester of pregnancy, the drug is strictly forbidden to use, in order to avoid the risk of congenital anomalies in the development of the fetus.As for the third trimester of pregnancy, the reception tsitramon can lead to weakness of labor, to the appearance of bleeding, and premature closure of the aortic flow at the kid.

addition to the above complications, reception tsitramon in the first month of pregnancy may also lead to the splitting of the upper palate of the baby - a complication that can only be cured by a complex operation.So, if we talk about the first and third trimesters of pregnancy, the conclusion is clear: take Citramon in this period is strictly prohi


And that from the second trimester of pregnancy? dangerous to such a strong medicine for the baby during this period?

Unfortunately, doctors are often allowed to take Citramon not only in the second trimester waiting baby, but also at the beginning and at the end of pregnancy.Moreover, many experts say that a headache expectant mothers can receive only Citramon.And well, if stipulated that abuse this tool is not necessary.

However, there is another category of professionals that prohibits tsitramon, regardless of gestational age.From any pain or only assigned No-spa, or other methods of pain relief.

Accordingly, all expectant mothers can be divided into two categories: those who accept Citramon during pregnancy and those who flatly refuse him.

Meanwhile, during pregnancy Citramon able to penetrate through the placenta to the fetus - at any stage.

been proven that uncontrolled taking the drug can lead to ulcers of the stomach or intestines, deafness, various bleeding, disruption of the blood, to the failures in the central nervous system.It is understood that during pregnancy tsitramon effect on the human body is not exactly reduced, and with all the above complications may face and your future baby.

So it all depends on how strong your pain, how much you're willing to risk the health of its crumbs.If the case is very difficult, if not already helps nothing if you have to suffer just can not, you can afford half a tablet tsitramon, not more.And try not to abuse this drug, do not risk your health and the health of your baby.

way, it should be noted that during the period of breastfeeding, this drug is also strictly prohibited, as can lead to very serious complications, injury of the baby.

In general, if you sum up all the above, need to try to eliminate the reception tsitramon during pregnancy and breastfeeding do .If you really need to avoid taking the drug fails, be sure to consult with your doctor (preferably with several) who will assess your condition, the degree of risk to the fetus, the potential benefit to you, and take the best possible decision for your situation.It may be the minimum dose tsitramon, but it is possible that you will be offered an alternative way of getting rid of severe headaches, which, when its effectiveness can boast and security for the baby.

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