Eufillin during pregnancy

Approximately one third of the four women during pregnancy faced with such unpleasant phenomenon of swelling.Edema - it's not just a cosmetic defect, but they can be a symptom of serious conditions, such as a symptom of late toxicosis.Let's try to understand the causes of this phenomenon and to determine the optimal ways to combat swelling during pregnancy.

So, while waiting for the swelling baby arise due to excess fluid in the body. As a rule, the most noticeable swelling in the ankles.However, the slight swelling of feet during pregnancy - not a reason to panic, it is not necessarily talking about the swelling.First we need to make sure that we are dealing really with edema: for twenty seconds to press a hand to the area of ‚Äč‚Äčedema, then let go.If the place where you press down, left indentation, then we are talking about the swelling.If the skin is smooth - it is usual swelling.For large edema often women have problems with shoes - just squeeze the leg in a boot or shoe becomes the whole problem,

not to mention the fact, to walk in these shoes for a long time.

What are the causes of edema during pregnancy?Pending kid growing uterus, respectively, increases the pressure on the pelvic veins.This, in turn, leads to slow blood flow, to an excess of water, which forms a swelling.By themselves, the swelling is not hazardous for pregnant women, however, if the swelling moved on the face, upper body, it is no longer just about the swelling, but of late toxicosis - and this is just a very dangerous phenomenon for expectant mothers.Sometimes, the swelling may also be accompanied by high blood pressure.In this case, an urgent need to go to the doctor.

way to get rid of the swelling in pregnant women, there are many. First, you need to move as much as possible, and as little as possible to sit.If you are sitting, then you need to take a break every half an hour - at this time, you can either walk around the office (home) or engage in a special gymnastics.You also need to rest as much as possible in a position where the feet are above your head.It is necessary to edit the menu, the deletion of the olives, nuts, salinity.

Earlier gynecologists advised women suffering from edema during pregnancy, restrict fluid intake, because they believed that the main reason that provokes swelling, it is an excess of water.Today, doctors are inclined to believe that a more effective way of getting rid of the swelling is to eliminate salt - try to forget about smoked foods, spicy food, condiments, as these products contain salt and retain fluid in the body.But abusing drink and should not be - even in case of strong thirst of your fluids should not exceed one and a half liters a day.

How to take during pregnancy Eufillin

As for medical treatment of edema, the increasingly modern doctors prescribe Eufillin - a drug that promotes dilation of blood vessels, the kidneys help to cope better with their work, bringing recycled liquid.

Reception eufillin allows to significantly reduce puffiness, since using this drug excreted salts which are, in fact, lead to excess water in the body.Typically, the preparation is drunk or short courses of only a few days.However, there may be situations where physicians prescribe medication to receive over a relatively long time, for example, within a month.

It must be remembered that Eufillin is a potent drug that should not be abused.Eufillin assigned only in extreme cases, by a specialist, and is accepted only under the strict supervision of a physician (preferably in a hospital).

Sometimes an excellent alternative to the drug may be a decoction cranberries or cranberry juice.Often, doctors are advised to take Eufillin together with Badami containing vitamin B6 and magnesium, which has a positive effect on the blood vessels of women, and on the smooth muscles of the female body.

should be noted positive effects of aminophylline on brain function, particularly noticeable effect swelling of brain tissue - in this situation, the drug is administered intravenously, although during pregnancy intravenous aminophylline is very undesirable and are assigned only in extreme cases.

The drug is contraindicated in expectant mothers who have problems with the heart activity, an allergy to caffeine or a tendency to low pressure (hypotension).

Eufillin is strong enough medicine, so for all its effectiveness it should be administered only when all other less dangerous methods have been tried, and they did not give the desired effect.

method of application, the dosage of aminophylline should appoint a doctor.Typically, the drug begins with minimal doses, since an overdose of the drug can cause severe and even tragic consequences, including cardiac arrest.It is a danger to the fetus, and the drug, as it may lead to the emergence and development of hypoxia, can even lead to fetal death of the baby.

often receive eufillin accompanied by side effects: shortness of breath it, sleep disorders, dizziness, headache, decreased blood pressure, diarrhea, vomiting, anxiety, irritation, tremors, discoordination movement.When one or more of the symptoms outlined above, aminophylline must stop receiving, since the drug may further cause problems with the digestive system.

pills themselves better to take an hour and a half after eating, drinking plenty of water.

And once again I want to repeat: Eufillin is a serious medical product, so before you start the course admission, it is worth trying other, more sparing methods.

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