Why grow hair on the chin in women

According to statistics, about 30% of women are faced with such a problem, as hirsutism - excessive growth of facial hair.This phenomenon is able to deliver the fairer sex, and cause a lot of feelings of inferiority complex.However, before taking drastic measures to remove facial hair and, in particular, on the chin, you should find out the reasons on which they grow.It is not excluded that in the common cosmetic defect hiding serious health problems that require immediate medical attention.

Vellus Rod facial hair - the norm or pathology?

Any person there are two types of hair - pushkovye Rod.The former have a soft, elastic structure, they are practically invisible on the skin surface and do not cause any problems.Vellus hair is a natural covering, and their presence on the chin should not cause a woman's specific experiences.Thin and subtle, they may eventually evolve under the influence of male hormones.In this case, the same bulbs begin to grow stem hair - dark, hard and long enough that it is imp

ossible to disguise the foundation.

That core hair and a cause for experiences the fairer sex.And not only that the bristles on his chin adds beauty beautiful ladies.Much worse, that the appearance of bar of facial hair in women indicates a serious disruption in the hormonal background.Such is the natural vegetation only yuzhanok, but they are often faced with endocrine problems, the first signal to the emergence of which are hairs on his chin.

Reasons for developing hirsutism

In most cases, the hair on the chin of a woman begin to grow after 40 years, when a woman's body there are serious hormonal changes associated with attenuation of the reproductive function.Her endocrine system during this period reduces the production of female hormones and, consequently, increases the production of androrgenov - male sex hormones, which encourage the growth of hair on the chin.In the period preceding menopause, these changes in appearance are quite natural and predictable.However, there are cases when faced with hirsutism very young girl.In such cases, with a high degree of confidence it can be argued that they have serious problems with the endocrine system.

First of all, we can talk about a common pathology as congenital adrenal hyperplasia .In addition, the hair on the chin in women can be caused by congenital adrenogenital symptom.Do not ignore the fact that the cause of hair on the chin may be early puberty, which is not a serious deviation but provokes the development of hirsutism.Plus, stem hairs on the chin may result from a variety of beauty treatments.Often they begin to grow on the site of vellus hair after depilation .

In any case, if on the chin of a woman appeared stiff dark hair, and their number is constantly increasing, then be sure to visit the reception at the endocrinologist and pass a comprehensive examination to find out the true reasons for such deviation.

How dangerous hirsutism?

itself the appearance of hair on the chin can cause a nuisance and irritation from a woman who carefully monitors its own appearance.However, if we take into account the fact that hirsutism may be associated with endocrine diseases, their consequences can be very sad.

prove that hirsutism is preceded by such diseases as ovarian dysfunction, cancer of the breast and uterus.Hair chin can indicate failures in the menstrual cycle and infertility.Besides, this phenomenon is often seen in women who are faced with diseases of the thyroid gland or the adrenal gland.

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