Makeup Ani Lorak

Ani Lorak - not just a popular singer, but a girl who has always attracted and attracts admiring glances.Of course, its appeal for the most part the singer owes nature, but it knows how to emphasize the dignity of his person, his figures mask the shortcomings, making its way safely be called ideal.

Makeup Secrets

Ani Lorak Ani Lorak special attention paid to the care of their skin.The singer never buy cheap cosmetics, believing that expensive cosmetics - a kind of investment in the future.We are of the same opinion, and we advise you to buy a better one, but expensive cream than make lots of shelves of inexpensive and not too high quality creams.Often, Ani Lorak, domestic Carolina, visits and beauty salons, especially appreciating the wax wraps and masks.

Well, of course, special attention is paid Ani Lorak makeup, so she always manages to look fresh and appealing.

makeup Ani Lorak adheres to the rules of the famous "one accent» : that is, you can emphasize one thing - your eyes or lips.Ani pref

ers to emphasize the beauty of their eyes, the depth of his gaze.Lipstick, respectively, selected neutral shades.

So, if you want to make the same makeup as Ani Lorak, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules.

Eye Makeup

Firstly, particular attention should be paid to his eyebrows need to remove excess hair, with a special brush to give brows shape with a pencil - color.

in eye makeup Ani uses two sharply contrasting color shades: light base for eye shadow and saturated colors, which are applied to the outer corner of the eye.Incidentally, the area under the eyebrows and the inner corner of the eye causes Ani bright pearlescent shade that contain reflective particles, allowing you to make the look more open, more attractive eyes.

Ani Lorak often uses dark eyeliner , which is applied on top-line growth of eyelashes.In addition, the same tool in creating an attractive makeup Ani Lorak is a black ink.When it comes to filming, concerts, Ani also often uses false eyelashes to make your eyes more expressive, bright.You can use false eyelashes, if you plan to make the evening makeup.

If you are a happy owner of green eyes, like Ani Lorak, the contour of the lower eyelid can paint over the emerald pencil.However, this is not an option if you have a gray or blue eyes, in this case, better to choose the classic "Smokey Aes," the more that Ani Lorak often choose this option.

Lip Makeup

As for lipstick, the singer uses only light shades of lipstick, as close as possible to the natural color of the lips of the girl.Ani Lorak is confident that such lipstick colors like wine, red, burgundy, are not the best option, as the old.

So, you must first draw the contour of the lips with a pencil, the color of which is almost identical to the natural color of the lips.Thereafter lipstick applied to the lips of a beige-brown or light-pink color.If desired, the top, you can add a little shine.And you can do without lipstick at all, to emphasize the natural beauty of lip gloss only.


Well, finally, blush.The singer uses a dark blush, pink and brown shades, making possible to draw the sculpted cheekbones.If you want to focus on the "apple" of the cheeks, it is best to take a blush soft coral shades.

And finally, remember that the perfect make-up can turn out just perfect skin, so do not be lazy to care for themselves, for their skin, their hair, and you will attract the attention of no less than Ani Lorak.

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