Patrizia Pepe

fashion brand Patrizia Pepe appeared relatively recently, in 1993.Despite this, today the fashion house Patrizia Pepe is one of the most famous in the world.The word «Patrizia» in the name of the brand - the name of the founder of the fashion house.«Pepe» in Italian means "pepper."Patricia as if hinting that her clothes are designed for daring girls can feel the spicy taste of life.Initially, Patricia Bambi exclusively with women's clothes, but in 2005 she decided to try his hand in men's fashion.The designer says that she would not have even thought about creating clothing for men, but many fans of her style is still convinced the famous couturier agree to the experiment.Contrary to all expectations, the men's collection has become incredibly popular, stylish garments were sold out instantly.

incredible demand for clothing Patrizia Pepe, according to experts of the fashion world, is caused by unsurpassed style and comfort every outfit.

Style Patrizia Pepe

In any outfit by Patrizia Pepe felt soph

isticated style and the desire to create a harmonious beauty.To create each model Patricia uses unusual materials, experimenting with daring combinations.The results of such experiments are vivid and memorable outfit that seeks to replenish his wardrobe of any man who knows a lot about fashion.

Each new collection Patricia is not like the previous ones.According to the creator of exclusive outfits, the source of her inspiration is life itself.Participation in the various activities of interest to all new designer allows you to create original outfits affecting their courage and beauty.

In creating clothes Patricia guided not only by their own sense of style and fashion trends, but also strives to make each model as comfortable as possible for the mod or fashionista.Each collection features dresses of different styles.For the happy owners of a beautiful figure Patricia offers form-fitting dresses, skirts, jackets.If you need to hide some of the shortcomings of the body, it is possible to give preference to dresses cut free from Patrizia Pepe.

Clothing brand Patrizia Pepe is ideal for those fashionistas who, regardless of age and social status, are willing to always remain bright, energetic and stylish.

Among the models brand Patrizia Pepe can find casual and elegant clothes - for special occasions in their lives.

Collection Patrizia Pepe summer 2012

The main motive of the new collection Patrizia Pepe can be called easy, mixed with ease and elegance.At the heart of the summer a number of clothes is the two main colors: white and green, but to create costumes used and additional contrasting color (yellow, black, brown).

striking example of a light summer dress will loose fitting dress with sleeves below the elbow and shoulder cutouts.As a supplement to this fee, you can use a long white scarf.The new collection Patrizia Pepe can be seen fitting trousers length slightly above the ankle.According to Patricia, the new season will return to the fashion dress-coats with wide collar.

Patrizia Pepe also style next season involves updating your wardrobe easy semifitted dress with thin spaghetti straps.A single ensemble with dresses and skirts will be a jacket with a round neck, where the role played by the collar coquette.

Compared with last year's new collection of clothes from Patrizia Pepe, you will notice that now designers prefer a freer style.Last year, almost every model felt the influence of the classics, and was visible strict lines.Moreover, if the summer and spring clothes last year were made in black and white, now Patricia prefers to use more bright colors and bold combinations.

Despite the considerable achievements in the fashion industry, Patricia constantly strives for new challenges.Originally named Patrizia Pepe produced only women's clothing, then the public were presented outfits for men.Now fans of the style offered by Patricia, can replenish your wardrobe with shoes, underwear, jewelry and fancy goods.

way, some new models of famous fashion designer aims to apply the most effective.A good example is a line of accessories, released in 2007.Then, the designer decided to use for each package decorations packaging for medicines.Thus, Patricia decided to hint that its products will be the best way to combat the blues, and on each package you can read detailed instructions on the use of unusual medicines.

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