How to deal with Medvedkov, in the garden

How to deal with Medvedkov, Pest control is a headache gardeners.How much energy, nerves, finance was spent on the fight against harmful insects.However, the annual "uninvited" guests still appear in gardens and orchards.Before growers immediately raises the question: how to quickly and effectively get rid of pests such as mole cricket?To track the insect forever forgotten your garden, you must select only proven tactics to combat a threat.

«enemy» Know your

Before we elaborate on the methods that are most effective in controlling the pest, you need to understand who this mole cricket?

Medvedka (earthen cancer kapustyanka) - it is a large insect, which can reach up to eight centimeters long.Kapustyanka belongs to the family of Orthoptera.This crustacean earth in a matter of seconds is able to cause irreparable harm to any backyard and garden.Mole Cricket gnaws the roots of plants, destroys the seed.For this insect has everything you need.

kapustyanki have well-developed forelimbs, thanks to which it perfectly digging its own

hole, raking absolutely any ground.Excellent gnaw roots and seeds Medvedkov allows powerful mouthparts.Frames mouth mustache and tentacles.Wade through the ground kapustyanke allows powerful chest armor that covers the entire front part of the body and the head.

Since kapustyanka belongs to the family of Orthoptera, then it has a couple of fairly developed wings that resemble long flakes.The eyes of an insect - faceted, large in size.Color mole crickets - dark brown, but the abdomen may be slightly lighter than the shell.As a rule, the belly of the insect has a light olive color.

Harm from medvedok

medvedok activity coincides with the planting of most plants open ground.This is in May when the soil has time to warm up to 10-15 degrees.This temperature is sufficient to ground the cancer to feel comfortable.Especially dangerous insects mating season, which begins in early summer.At this time the females start laying eggs at a depth of about fifteen centimeters.It is worth noting that the mole crickets are very fertile, and once the female lays up to 500 eggs !!!

After about two weeks of these larvae hatch and within a month it will separate the insects to be able to dig their own tunnels and hiccup food as adults individuals.But eat vegetable garden planting ground cancer loves!Medvedka can not live without onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes and also cabbage.To discover the fact that pest wound up on your garden or in your garden is not very difficult.Kapustyanka reserves the excavation moves that are particularly clearly visible after the rain.Coupled to this habitat medvedok plants begin to fade in huge quantities.

in the fight against Medvedkov, there are two ways.You can arm and chemicals to combat pests with the help of specialized tools.And it is possible to use traditional methods of struggle.

fight against Medvedkov using chemicals

Many gardeners prefer to use proven tools in the fight against Medvedkov, so go for the chemicals to specialty stores.Experienced gardeners know that not all drugs are equally good.Unfortunately, some modern means not only destroy Medvedkov, but also cause irreparable harm to plants.To avoid this, it is required to choose the only really effective and safe drugs.

most effective are:

1. Prestige 290 FS

product provides comprehensive protection from pests and diseases.It improves the storage of crops, and is completely safe for the environment.Effective for crops such as peppers, potatoes, eggplant, tomatoes.The drug must be processed at the rate of seedling roots hundred milliliters of a suspension of ten liters of water.Treatment lasts at least eight hours.Insect-fungicidal potravitel solves the problem not only with Medvedkov, and Colorado potato beetle in the period from emergence to early flowering.

2. Akhtar 25 WG

Akhtar - is the Contact insecticide enteric action, when applied to the soil differs pronounced systemic activity.They can simply spray the plants during the growing season and carry the soil.The product is resistant to precipitation.Spraying is carried out in strict accordance with the instructions (for each crop - its norm).For example, for treatment of potato need to dissolve from 0.6 to 0.8 grams of the drug for five liters of water.This volume is enough for one hundred square meters.

Many gardeners prefer to handle the seedlings before transplanting into the ground.This approach also takes place, as the treatment is considered to be justified on those areas where the mole cricket appears annually.On 1 liter of water diluted with 1.5 grams of the drug.This solution is enough for treatment of two hundred and fifty seedlings.The seedlings are soaked in the solution for about a half to two hours.

3. Medvetoks

is a powerful weapon in the fight against Medvedkov, and garden ants.Modern drug is one of the latest developments scientists, meets all modern safety standards.The chemical does not harm the environment and earthworms.Ten square meters landings take just thirty grams of the substance.Total single pellet is enough to Medvedka died immediately after swallowing.The substance for a few weeks decomposes into harmless compounds.

addition to the above, also use drugs «Thunder» , «Fenaksin +» , «Aldrin» .

But behold, many gardeners before applying chemicals, prefer to try to do on their own.There are physical methods to reduce or prevent the emergence and spread of mole crickets in the garden and in the garden.

Physical methods in the fight against Medvedkov

1. Loosening

pest control method is used by experienced gardeners spring and autumn plowing.To do this, gardeners dug topsoil.As a rule, in the surface layer insects inhabit.Unable to withstand the cold of winter and spring frosts, they die.

also an effective measure to regular soil loosening.As we mentioned above, the mole cricket laying eggs, build nests and tunnels at a depth of 10-15 centimeters.Regular loosening the soil to the desired depth will help break pest trails, so the earthen cancer is difficult to find their own food.In addition, it will destroy the nest and destroy the larvae of pests.

2. Traps

Some gardeners build special traps medvedok.This can be done and in the autumn and spring.

Before hibernation, until the land had not yet frozen (soil temperature must be above eight degrees) gardeners build traps.To do this they dig pits depth of not more than half, which is on the bottom of veiled polyethylene film.Sami pits filled with rotted manure.Medvedkov climb into traps in the hope to get cozy in the pits for the winter.With the onset of sustained minus manure throw from the traps throughout the site, and mole crickets die.

If the gardener has not had time to destroy rodents before the frost, it is not worth it to try, because at temperatures below five degrees pests hibernate until spring already.

There is a way to spring, and pest control.Around the second half of May, when the earth cancers begin the mating season.It is necessary to dig small holes and fill them in straw and manure.Medvedkov will climb into the pit in the hope to build a nest.After all, in a place of their offspring will be provided with food.Approximately three weeks later wells were collected and the contents burned.

3. Scare

Often gardeners complain that harmful insects come to stay in their land with the neighboring.To avoid these unwanted "guests", you need to scare them away before the penetration site.Often, this is done using scents of flowers that insects can not tolerate.For example, the mole crickets can not stand the scent of marigolds.Very often they are planted around the perimeter of the site.

Besides physical, there are popular methods of dealing with malicious Medvedkov.

fight against Medvedkov, using folk remedies

1. Honey

Medvedka loves honey and willingly goes to the smell.This fact gardener can use in the construction of traps for insects.Make it very simple: you just take an ordinary bank (one and a half or three-liter), heavy grease from the inside of honey, and then bury it in the ground.Top can cover sheet iron or other material, it is important that mole cricket was able to open the entrance.Ground cancer detect prey, go to the smell of honey and would be trapped.Get out of the banks will not be able pests.

2. Fish

Medvedka can not stand the smell of decaying fish.This fact can be used for planting seedlings and seeds.To each well must be placed on a small piece of the cheapest fish.Kapustyanka per kilometer will bypass such planting.Some gardeners spread around the fish already planted plants.The only drawback to this technique is that it can attract the attention of all the neighborhood cats and ants.

3. Beer

Medvedkov love the smell of beer and willing to go in search of this product.Traps for pest build on the same principle as honey.It is necessary to pour in a quart jar one hundred milliliters of beer.And on top to disguise it with straw and bury it in the ground level.A week later, it will be possible to remove the trap, brim full of "beer lovers."

Protection greenhouses - is one of the complex of measures that should be implemented in such a matter as the destruction medvedok from the site.To wrecker not snuck into a greenhouse, it is necessary to tighten the rope around the perimeter of the greenhouse, wrap it with a cloth soaked in kerosene abundantly.Another option for protecting greenhouse beds from intruders is to use mint leaves.They can be placed between the beds and, as appropriate, change to fresh.

fight against Medvedkov - it is work.Long and hard.But the result will not take long.The garden and the garden will be no more malicious pests!

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