Coleus - care at home

past Coleus you can not go wrong - certainly eyes snatch it out of the other decorative houseplants.No wonder it is called the fiery nettles - it is a bright, noticeable, individual.

But in fact, to the nettle Coleus has nothing to do, and part of the family Labiatae, which has two hundred hybrids.This flower with a rainbow of color comes from the tropical forests of Asia and Africa, where it grows in the wild and in our region mainly grown Coleus Blumei or coleus hybrid.

home Coleus leaves have slightly velvety to the touch, oval with pointed tip and serrated edges .The color Coleus difficult to identify, because it can be any color - purple, magenta, red, yellow, pink.There are both one-color and two-color Coleus, sometimes flat coloring of the leaves, in some cases complex and patterned.

coleus can be grown as a houseplant - then choose long flower shrub, as it planted in flower beds, in pots as an annual.

Care for motley handsome is not difficult, although at first glance it may seem that such

a prominent plant must be moody.To ensure proper care Coleus can even children or novice growers, so if you liked this tropical guest - safely allocated to it in his home and heart.

How to care for at home Coleus

Lighting Coleus

Proper lighting for Coleus means a lot, as much as for any other plant.He needs a bright but diffused light, otherwise the whole diversity of simply "run away."To preserve the bright colors of the flower it should be protected from direct sunlight, underneath it simply burns out and can even get real burns.

temperature regime

Coleus prefers moderately warm, very comfortable for him the temperature is 16-19 degrees.Also it will grow well at higher temperature 22-26 degrees, but only if they meet all other rules care.Years Coleus needs wintering at a low temperature, optimal at this time to put a flower in the room with the air temperature of 13-15 degrees.If you do not provide Coleus winter, there is a high probability that eventually stain Coleus fade.


coleus need high humidity, because it is, if you remember, originally from the rainforest.If possible, your pet should be sprayed with soft water, then it will be lush and handsome.It is recommended to spray until the sunlight on the leaves of coleus or after sunset, or droplets of water will work like a magnifying glass and cause burns.

As watered

Coleus Coleus is very fond of drink, so do not forget to water your green pet often, especially in the heat.The most abundant watering needs a plant from spring to autumn, and in winter the amount of water you need to cut in two, and even three times, depending on the temperature.Abundant watering does not mean that in a pot with a flower you need to arrange a swamp, just do not wait until the top layer of soil is completely dry and cracked.Excessive watering harm even such vodohlebu like Coleus - water simply block the access of oxygen to the roots and they will rot, and then die.

Ground for Coleus Coleus

suitable clay ground as it grows well and in a soilless substrate.Rootless substrate is very light, so you must choose the right pot to coleus with lush foliage is not overturned it.Also suitable substrate composed of equal parts of turf land, leaf, humus and river sand.

fertilizing the soil in which grow coleus, can hardly be called a rich and nutritious.But the powerful regular feeding coleus does not need enough to make complex fertilizer every 15-20 days, and nitrogen every 7 days.In winter, it is necessary to fertilize the flower in half less, enough to feed it once a month and a half.For soilless substrate feeding should be more frequent.

Features wintering and trimming

hibernation, Coleus loses its appeal, it may even seem that the plant died, but it is not.Wait until spring - Coleus give the new shoots as they grow up enough - it will be necessary to cut off the old ones.Pruning is carried out during the growing season to maintain neat shape shrub.To achieve splendor - shoots pinch out after every 4-5 pairs of leaves.Buds pinch too, it gives abundant flowering and creates a surround beautiful bush.


Transplanted Coleus once a year, in early spring.It is better to do it as soon started to grow new shoots, as transplant lush bush and do not damage it is not so simple.


coleus propagated by seeds and cuttings, and the home is easy to grow new flower in any of these ways.

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