Ornithogalum - planting and care

Ornithogalum ornithogalum can not be called one of the most popular flowers in the suburban areas of the country.But he has one definite advantage!While all the other plants are just beginning to wake up from hibernation, ornithogalum already beginning gardeners delight their flowering gentle and surprisingly subtle scent.

ornithogalum or Ornithogalum (Ornithogalum) - is a perennial bulbous plant belonging to the lily family (Liliaceae).It's amazing hardiness has on different data from one hundred to three hundred species.The scientific name of a flower comes from two Greek words: «gala» - milk and «ornis» - bird.Depending on the variety Ornithogalum may reach thirty to eighty-five centimeters in height.Covered with durable scales bulbs can have oblong-ovoid, and just egg and rounded shape.Delicate flowers of Ornithogalum can be white, yellow, and white.Fruit ornithogalum - an ordinary box.The plant is quite different small black seeds, which can be either flat or rounded.

ornithogalum can bloom for three whole

weeks, delighting gardeners exquisite carpet of white and yellow stars.As the leaves and flowers of Ornithogalum miraculously retain their decorative effect for a long time after harvesting.This is why this strange flower is often used as a part of floral arrangements.

Landing Ornithogalum

ornithogalum nepriveredliv to grow.He is fit and well-lit areas of the garden, and a little shade.Ornithogalum great uzhivetsya in the shade is not too thick trees, among perennial shrubs.By the composition of the soil ornithogalum also relates quite calmly.The only thing: the plant does not tolerate high acidity, and excessive soil moisture.For this reason, it is recommended to plant ornithogalum exclusively perfectly drained soil.This will avoid stagnant water, as the plant may die in boggy soil.

be planted bulbs Ornithogalum need at a distance of ten to fifteen centimeters from each other.Planting depth should be at least six centimeters, but not more than ten centimeters.As a rule, Ornithogalum sowing is carried out in late August - early September.

Ornithogalum can be grown from seed .In this case it is necessary to be patient, because the full flowering can wait no earlier than five or even six years after planting.Ornithogalum Seeds are planted in early spring to a depth less than two centimeters.Requirements for light and soil composition are the same as in the breeding bulbs.Method of cold stratification of seeds - this is an excellent option for the future preparation of Ornithogalum sowing.Conduct stratification is necessary for three to four months before planting seeds in the soil.

After flowering, some growers are waiting for the withering away of the aerial part, and then transferred to the bulbs for the winter in a dry place at a temperature of +12 +17 degrees.It is worth noting that ornithogalum should be transplanted to a new location flowering every five or six years.The fact that the bulbs tend to form around himself a kind of "nest".For this reason, the plant eventually begin to bloom less.

Safely through the winter in the open field and retain their pristine properties can not all types ornithogalum.Even careful shelter some varieties Ornithogalum not help save them from freezing in the harsh winter of Central European part of Russia.It is for this reason that from the very beginning you need to carefully select a plant variety right and competently take care of Ornithogalum.

Care ornithogalum

Ornithogalum completely unpretentious to the conditions in the open field.In addition to sunlight, whom loves to enjoy the plant during the flowering period, ornithogalum necessary to ensure a sufficient amount of water.Despite the fact that the flower is quite comfortable with the watering, to regularly moisten the soil during plant growth.

Ornithogalum positively responds to flower fertilizing nitrogenous fertilizers during his active bloom.Dead leaves of the plant should be removed regularly.If the sheet is not completely withered, it is best not to touch it, as it may harm the whole plant as a whole.Approximately every four years, must be carried out thinning of plants.

ornithogalum rarely suffer from various kinds of diseases and pests, but it can harm treschalka onion and onion mite.For the treatment of plant breeders used insecticides.In case of infection diseases such as mosaic virus or root-knot nematode affected Ornithogalum have to completely remove from the site.

ornithogalum - this amazing plant that is often used in mixborders, and in the composition of alpine gardens and flower beds.

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