Pain in the right upper quadrant

Traditionally, if the pain in his right side on top, then blame the liver, and if the bottom - that appendicitis.In fact, the cause of pain in the right half of the body can be a lot of diseases, ranging from osteoarthritis and ending with pyelonephritis.

Why hurts right side

most common cause of pain in the right side becomes inflammation in organs located inside : liver, gall bladder, kidneys, appendix, stomach or intestines.Less discomfort appear in pathologies osteo-articular system or injuries.The pain in his right side is sharp, burning, stabbing, cutting, blunt or dull, it can be felt in the front, rear, top or bottom edges of a - in the abdomen and radiate to the shoulder, arm, thigh or leg.Determining the nature of pain and its localization makes a preliminary diagnosis and to ask for help to the right specialist, as there are a number of diseases in which the pain in his right side is the main symptom, and which require immediate medical attention.

When the urgent need to seek medical ca

There are a number of diseases in which an urgent need to seek medical care, because in a few hours the patient may be degraded:
- appendicitis - sharp, burning or cutting pain in his right sideat the bottom, as well as nausea, vomiting, fever, loss of consciousness or a drop in blood pressure indicate festering appendix or developing peritonitis.In such cases, you should immediately call an ambulance, but before her arrival, in any case, do not warm the affected area and not give the patient any medication;
- attack of acute cholecystitis or pancreatitis - pain can be unilateral or belting, characterized by strong, almost unbearable pain attacks, nausea, repeated vomiting, not bringing relief, pain radiating to the neck, right shoulder and under the shoulder blade.The deterioration of the patient due to the violation of the diet or eating large amounts of fatty foods;
- renal colic - blockage of the urinary channel provokes sharp, severe pain at the bottom right, radiating to the lower back or genitals.In renal colic, increased body temperature, there is a weakness, nausea, vomiting, malaise, and difficulty urinating.Painful attacks do not depend on the position of the body and do not cease even at complete rest;
- cardiovascular disease - myocardial infarction or angina can sometimes start with severe pain in the chest on the right.Pathology of the cardiovascular system are accompanied by shortness of breath, feeling short of breath, disruptions in the heart, intense fear, pallor of the skin, sweating and radiating pain in his right hand and a shovel;
- ectopic pregnancy - dragging or dull pain in the lower abdomen on the right may arise in the ectopic pregnancy is a condition dangerous to tubal rupture and internal bleeding.When attaching the ovum outside the uterus occur all the signs of normal pregnancy: delayed menstruation, nausea, malaise, increased appetite and so on, then the fertilized egg grows in size, and there are signs of disease: pain, nausea, vomiting, and bleedingfrom the genital tract.

Other diseases that cause pain in the right side

addition to the above pathologies that require immediate access to medical care, there are several other diseases that cause discomfort in his right side:
1. gastrointestinal disease - pain in the rightside under the ribs most often occurs due to inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach, gall bladder, pancreas, liver disease, or bowel problems.Cholecystitis, gastritis appear dull, aching pain in the right half of the front of the abdomen, appearing a few hours after eating, belching, heartburn, nausea and vomiting.Pancreatitis often causes pain on the right rear, as well as fever, nausea, and vomiting after eating.For liver disease characterized by constant dull pain in the right upper quadrant, poor appetite, weakness, yellowing of the skin and mucous membranes (in the early stages of the disease can be seen yellowed whites of the eyes and an unhealthy skin tone) and discoloration of urine.When bowel diseases concerned about pain in the lower abdomen, malaise, weakness and impaired his chair - can be chronic constipation or diarrhea;
2. Respiratory diseases - pain in the right side from the top may occur due to inflammation of the bronchi, lungs or pleural sheets.For those diseases characterized by increased pain while breathing, coughing, and general symptoms of the disease - fever, headache, cough and sore throat;
3. Pathology of the spine and nervous system - low back pain, pinched nerves and inflammation can also cause acute or dull pain on the right rear.When a pinched nerve root pain, burning, intense, cover part of the back or side, radiating into the upper limb and shoulder or lower back and leg.Osteochondrosis and nerve inflammation may be accompanied by aching, constant pain in the right half of the back, which are amplified when moving, change of posture or slopes;
4. urinary system diseases - pyelonephritis and other diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract are often accompanied by severe pain in his right side from below and behind.In patients with increased body temperature, there are a lot of pain in the lumbar region, which can radiate to the genitals, in addition, characterized by malaise, and violation of urination: You can change the color and the amount of urine;
5. Gynecological Diseases - diseases of the female genital organs often manifested by severe pain in his right side at the bottom.Inflammation of the ovaries, fallopian tubes or the uterus accompanied by fever, severe pain in the abdomen or in the lumbar region, or menstrual irregularities appearance abnormal discharge from the genital tract.
6. Pregnancy - in normal pregnancy blunt unexpressed pain in the right side may occur due to compression of internal organs of the growing uterus.In such a state can be eructation, heartburn, sensation of fullness or similar features characteristic of extinction condition of pain relief in a certain position, for example, lying down, when the uterus is displaced and no longer press on an upper bodies.Sometimes pregnancy can provoke an aggravation of diseases of the digestive, urinary and reproductive system, in this case, the symptoms of the disease will be permanent and will be added to the other characteristic symptoms: fever, nausea, vomiting, impaired urination or discharge from the genital tract.
7. injury and damage - any blows or falls can cause the formation of a hematoma or damage to internal organs, which will be accompanied by pain in his right side.If the symptom is pain after the injury does not decrease within 2-3 days, you need to apply to the traumatologist or surgeon, to avoid damage to the internal organs.

emergence of pain in the right side - it is always a cause for concern, it is not necessary to postpone visits to the doctor in the hope that all "will resolve itself," most of the diseases, which are characterized by such symptoms require specialized treatment and lifestyle changes the patient.

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