Oregon Grape: medicinal properties

Mahonia aquifolium Mahonia aquifolium - evergreen, often found in central Russia.Thanks to its attractive appearance, the plant was widely popular among landscape designers using it for decoration of borders.However, it is not only attractive, but also useful.Today we will focus on the beneficial properties of Mahonia aquifolium.

Mahonia berries used in the confectionery industry - they decorate cakes, they can be an excellent filling for pies, compotes are boiled, they are used as a natural dye in the production of wine.Some eat fresh berries, others do have dried.

Securities are not only berries Mahonia.Thus, the roots and bark of this plant are considered to be an excellent raw material for the preparation of traditional medicines.

Mahonia aquifolium: composition

berries Mahonia high popularity due to not only their taste, but high benefits they have on the body.They are rich in ascorbic acid and alkaloids, particularly berberine.

Corey Mahonia and roots also contain a set of valuable substances.Particularly h

igh concentration of ascorbic acid, tannins, alkaloids and organic acids.

Useful properties of Mahonia

list of useful properties of Mahonia pretty great.Due to the unique composition of the plant:
• Helps to overcome age-related diseases.
• it strengthens the immune system.
• beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system.
• neutralizes the effect of radicals.

apply it as a means to improve the appetite and maintain body tone.Famous plant antibacterial and antiviral actions.Recommended Mahonia aquifolium with cholecystitis, hepatitis, inflammation or blockage of bile ducts, to improve the intestinal flora.Coping with Mahonia can help with various skin rashes, eczema, herpes.It helps in the treatment of complicated forms of diabetes.Finally, it is proved that the plant berries are an excellent anti-cancer agent, as well as contribute to accelerated recovery from chemotherapy and radiation exposure.

Mahonia aquifolium: contraindications

Before you entrust healing from illness Mahonia, no harm will learn about contraindications.Thus, drugs, as part of which the number of the plant is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women.Refuse to take Mahonia have in the case of individual intolerance.

Note: when used Mahonia aquifolium possible side effects.Some of taking drugs based on Mahonia complained of nausea and diarrhea.Therefore, before you resort to the help of this plant, consult your doctor.

Application Mahonia aquifolium: recipes of traditional medicine

Herb crust Mahonia aquifolium diarrhea, dyspepsia, gout, rheumatism, kidney disease, liver and gallbladder

milled bark Mahonia poured vodka at a ratio of 1:10.Clean in a dark place for a week.When

designated ailments should take tincture 5-15 drops of pre-diluted with water.

Infusion of flowers Mahonia aquifolium gout

Pour 1 teaspoon of Mahonia 1.5 cups of boiling water.After the infusion has cooled, it should drain.

Take remedy for these diseases is recommended 3 times a day 1/3 cup before eating.

We told you only a small part of the useful properties of Mahonia aquifolium.It is possible that we have not mentioned that you know about the plant.We would be grateful if you supplement your knowledge article.

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