Patties at home

kartoplyaniki Agree, if your fridge has ground beef and potatoes, then this is likely to mean that the dinner you prepare delicious meatballs with mashed potatoes as a side dish.However, we propose to surprise his household, feeding them potato Zrazy or as they are called in Ukraine patties.The advantage of this dish is that you do not need to think about side dishes, because it is self-sufficient, but a great addition to Zrazy become fresh vegetables or vegetable salad.Proceed to cook?

You will need:
• mashed potatoes - 500-600 grams,
• minced meat (beef, pork, or mixed) - 300 grams,
• onions - 2 pieces,
• chicken egg - 1 piece,
• flour - 1 cup,
• vegetable oil - 1/2 cup,
• salt - to taste,
• pepper - to taste.

Cooking with step by step photos

kartoplyanniki-1 1. Prepare patties needed to prepare products listed in the ingredients list.

kartoplyanniki-2 2. Onions clean.Mince finely chop or shred in a food processor.

kartoplyanniki-3 3. Preheat half the indicated amount of vegetable oil in a frying pan.Lightly fry the mince.

kartoplyanniki-4 4. Add the chopped onions.Salt, pepper.Fry until cooked.

kartoplyanniki-5 5. While beef is roasted, let us puree.We connect it to the egg.Mix thoroughly.

kartoplyanniki-6 6. A bit add some salt.Pour 1/2 cup of the flour.

kartoplyanniki-7 7. Thoroughly knead.Tip: To potato dough is not stuck to the hands, wet them.

kartoplyanniki-8 8. From the small amount of the prepared mashed potatoes form a cake.

kartoplyanniki-9 9. In the center of the potato patty put the meat filling.

kartoplyanniki-10 10. Form a cutlet.

kartoplyanniki-11 11. Paniruem in flour.

kartoplyanniki-12 12. Heat the vegetable oil.We spread prepared kartoplyanichki.Fry on both sides until golden brown.

kartoplyanniki-13 13. We spread ready potato zrazy a la carte dish.Decorate vegetables and herbs.Served at the table.

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