Manna on yogurt with raisins

Manna on yogurt with raisins As surprising as it seemed not, but such a useful and tasty porridge many do not like.If members of your family listed as such fastidious, you can still get them to eat a small portion of semolina.However, they are not outraged, but on the contrary, always tell you: "Thank you," and it is possible that the additive will be asked.Do you think this can not be?Bake for their beloved children and husband manna and see for yourself.

Manica To prepare you need:
• semolina - 1 cup,
• wheat flour - 1 cup,
• yogurt - 1 cup,
• Sugar - 1 cup,
• raisins - 1/2 cup,
• egg - 1 piece,
• baking powder to the test - 1 teaspoon (can substitute baking soda, slaked with vinegar),
• butter - 25 grams,
• vanilla, cinnamon - optional,
• powdered sugar - for sprinkling.

Cooking with step by step photos

1. Prepare the ingredients that are required for us to Manica.mannik-s-izyumom-na-kefire1

2. semolina pour yogurt.Mix thoroughly.Subject to swell.mannik-s-izyumom-na-kefire2

3. Loop through the raisins and wash it with hot water.Recline in a colander,

to free it from excess moisture.mannik-s-izyumom-na-kefire3

4. At the end of half an hour in a separate bowl, combine the egg with the sugar.mannik-s-izyumom-na-kefire4

5. melt the butter in a water bath or in the microwave and sent to the egg-sugar mass.At this stage, if desired, can be added to the dough vanillin or cinnamon.mannik-s-izyumom-na-kefire5

6. Pour the sifted flour mixed with baking powder to the test.mannik-s-izyumom-na-kefire6

7. Put the raisins.Mix.By the way, instead of raisins can use your favorite dried fruits, candied fruits or nuts, put in some manna chopped apples.mannik-s-izyumom-na-kefire7

8. In the dough add semolina swollen.Mix thoroughly.mannik-s-izyumom-na-kefire8

9. The dough is poured into the form, greased with vegetable oil.Embark on a preheated 180 degree oven for 40 minutes.mannik-s-izyumom-na-kefire9

10. Freshly manna removed from the mold.Give a little bit cool.Sprinkle with powdered sugar.Enjoy your tea!mannik-s-izyumom-na-kefire10

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