Products and economy

Many families in connection with the budget can not afford some of the products.But that does not mean you have to give up mineral products and to sacrifice the health of the family.Believe it or not, but a healthy and fast food with fresh and natural products available to all, while the budget remains unchanged.

key to this secret - the eggs.This very budget product comprising natural high quality protein and 13 essential vitamins and minerals.In all of this mid-sized egg contains only 70 calories.In addition, eggs are great for any product, because almost everything that is in the refrigerator can be used in omelets and casseroles.

Try these quick, nutritious and quite accessible recipes.

Remains sweet.Not necessarily have the same thing every day, if you do some dishes more than necessary.All that you have, from cereals to pasta can be used as a basis for omelets or casseroles.Simply heat the egg and hammer there.

Do not forget the rolls.Boiled eggs can crumble with vegetables and low-fat cheese

.All this is spread on pita bread, roll and serve with sauce for breakfast, lunch or dinner.Mexicans call these spring rolls - a burrito.

Easy cleaning.Serve one meal for the whole family - frozen spinach and ham, fried in the pan and drenched eggs.

Replacing fast food.Create the healthiest and cheapest option snacks - between two rolls or fried grain loaves, place on both sides of the egg and low-fat cheese.

Second Life.The rest of the evening boiled potatoes cut, spread in a baking dish, shifting sausage or ham and pour the beaten eggs.Bake in the oven.
Variations with vegetables, fish, chicken, greens.
Number of meals is limited only by your imagination.

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