Milk chocolate - delicious dessert, and not only

Regardless of the event or the season love for chocolate remains unchanged.Worship cocoa all gaining momentum, despite the crisis and economic downturn.Chocolate lovers can not deny myself the trip to a restaurant or buying new things, but to save money on a favorite treat?Never.

Very often those who prefer high-quality chocolate, go for the darker varieties.They take into account only the percentage of cocoa, and believe that bigger is better and better.Percentages represent only the total amount of cocoa beans in chocolate on the weight.Typically, a higher percentage requires more expressive and less sweet flavor.However, they overlook that this is not only the interest of cocoa, but the overall quality of the product is distinguished by excellent good chocolate.

Milk chocolate must be at least 10 percent by weight consist of cocoa liquor.Modern chocolate makers are moving to recipes that contain a large amount of chocolate liquor, which gives more chocolate flavor and less sweetness.

Despite the attention to the dark chocolate varieties, the most popular still uses milk chocolate.His fans can be happy because a growing number of variations becomes available on the market.Chocolate is available with various additives (nuts, coconut, caramel, mint, krisps), in various forms, shapes and packages.

What to look for when choosing a high-quality chocolate?

nice gloss.The surface of the chocolate must be uniform and of the same color.

unique flavor.Before you try it, rub a piece of chocolate finger, warming it.So you will feel the smell.Milk chocolate is often smells of milk, cream, caramel or malt.

turning point.How chocolate is broken - it is the key to its texture.Tiles broken milk chocolate with a softer sound than dark chocolate, as contained in milk chocolate milk and butter making itself a softer consistency.

Silk taste in the mouth.The premium chocolate should melt in your mouth.Unacceptable taste waxy consistency or sand.

taste.This last criterion is the quality of the chocolate.Each manufacturer has its own secrets of cooking chocolate, its formulation, and, accordingly, the taste of this delicacy.

Do not forget that first and foremost you have to like the taste of chocolate, not a label on it!

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