How to diversify the school menu

That's the beginning of the school year.And with him again, there was a problem - how to get the baby to take a lunch?How to diversify its menu?How to make so that the dinner was not only useful but also interesting?Here are some interesting ideas.

1. color, color and again color.
Kids will love all the color.Try to select different colors for each day of the week (or better yet give the child the opportunity to distribute the color).And every day for dinner, add something that matches the color of the day.For example, in purple day can put a plum or a sprig of grapes.The red day fit a couple of strawberries or cherry yogurt.And carrots and peaches remarkably fit into the orange day.This is not only a way to diversify the menu, and interest of the child, but also the opportunity to supplement the diet of a child healthy fruits and vegetables, which he has never liked.

2. The control portion sizes.
packaged packaging to help you save time and control your calorie intake.Instead of buying a packet of c

risps, containing large amounts of fat and harmful substances, take a packet of pretzels with low-fat or crackers.Many manufacturers are now packaged in the package with an energy value of 100 calories.And also very useful for the growing organism are nuts and dried fruits, a selection of which can now be found on the shelves of our stores.

3. Unusual surprises.
Yes, there are children who are happy with the same meal every day.But there are restless, which constantly need new impressions.Surprise them!Do something unexpected.We never thought replace lunch breakfast?why not?Repack two or three small pancakes with fruit or yogurt.As a replacement you can pack fruit juice water home production.Change unrecognizable ordinary sandwich.Cut out of a sandwich star, pack it in foil and pens ribbon.A little joke stickers make your more fun.

4. Choose a theme.
example recreate a picnic.Slices of grilled chicken and skewers of fruit or vegetables.To make the tea party miniature sandwiches with different fillings and add a bottle of fruit tea.The possibilities are endless.Connect children to also come up with their own theme dinners.

5. Plan ahead.
first it may seem that such creative meals for a very long and tedious.Take yourself on a Sunday at the time to think through what you will do next week.Plan your color theme, prepare small cards with the wishes or jokes.It is possible to convene a family council and do it all together.Do it in advance, you avoid the temptation to stop halfway, replaced by a more interesting options for more expensive, but simple.
brings their individuality!

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