How to get rid of unpleasant odors and not only ...

Wipe used a slice of lemon or lime interior of the container for products to get rid of strong odors (like garlic) before you put in the sink.

always cover your dish loose lid when cooking chili, garlic or other strong-smelling foods.The smell can fill the whole house, and then from it will be difficult to get rid of.Keep the kitchen closed and the windows wide open on the contrary as an additional protection against spread of odors.

Carefully wipe the cutting board with a piece of lemon after a cut on her onions, garlic, etc.This will prevent odors vestsya in the board and stay there for a long time.Then wash the board with detergent as usual.

Use metal sponges for washing oily dishes such as pans, baking sheets.You can buy these special sponge on a stalk to make it easier to use them.

order to clean baked-on food in a pan, pour a little to dishwashing liquid, add water and put on fire.Allow the liquid to a boil, then cool.Now, baked-on food that can be easily cleaned.

If the food flowed to the b

ottom of the oven, sprinkle on a little salt spilled.After the oven has cooled down, the bottom will be easier to clean up.You can add a little salt cinnamon - it would kill odors.

To make it easier to wash the microwave, mix 2 tablespoons of lemon juice or vinegar and 2 cups water.Pour it all into a large bowl for the microwave and place inside.Heat the microwave for 2-3 minutes at a very high power.Then carefully remove the bowl and the inside of the microwave, wipe with paper towels.If necessary, repeat the procedure.

Clean your coffee machine every few weeks by filling the tank water in equal parts water and vinegar, and having put on the cooking mode.Then pour clean water and again put on the cooking mode to rinse the coffee machine.Repeat the cycle with fresh water twice.

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