The wine is made from apples

Unless someone can argue that all the preparations at home with their own hands, much tastier than the purchase.Maybe on our shelves and stands somewhere good quality wine, but the risk to buy a fake or powdered wine is very high.Why play roulette and poison the organism of unknown chemistry that easily can prepare home-made wine, that even apples.Apple wine has a pleasant taste, cook it really is not difficult - try it and you will not regret.

Recipes apple wine is not enough, here are the most successful of them

Recipe 1

Choose the best quality fruits - ripe but not overripe, with no wormholes, cracks, rot (we're not making moonshine).We will need 10 kg of selected apples.

carefully selected fruits are washed out, cut, remove the seeds and film.Slices of apple mince.The malic weight for better fermentation, add sugar - 2 kilos and 100 grams of raisins.Mix and shift puree in a glass bottle.If apples are not caught very juicy and weight of dryish, it is possible to add 1 liter of filtered water.

Soon the mass will begin to ferment and give off gas, so we cover, of course, we do not close the bottle, but at the same time, we need to cut off the supply of oxygen in the jar.The problem is solved with the help of an ordinary rubber medical gloves - we put her on the throat of the banks and the bottom fix with duct tape.Our wine will ferment for about three weeks, gradually turns into a glove balloon.After three weeks, the wine we filter: prepare another vessel, a throat impose gauze, folded in three or four layers, and pour.The first bottles will be thick sediment, it is necessary to shift into a tight gauze filter and squeeze.The denser your filter is, the purer will be the wine.In

of strained wine add a cup of sugar, close tightly and leave to mature for another week in a cool dark place.After the wine is necessary to "fix" - pour into a 150 ml of vodka.After that apple wine is considered ready, it can be bottled and stored in the refrigerator or cellar.

Recipe 2

This is a more complicated recipe apple wine, but the game worth worth the candle.It is important to observe the process and formulation technology.

Step 1 - Juice

Take 10 kg of selected apples, cleaned from the cores and squeeze the juice to get it about 6 liters.

Step 2 - must

In natural apple juice contains little sugar, about 5-12%, but this is not enough for the fermentation process.Increase in sugar juice by using sugar or honey.In 10 liters of juice you need 2 kilograms of sugar, which is administered in the form of a better solution, and not all at once but in installments.Half of the rules of sugar dissolved in apple juice and add to the bulk, mix.Then we filter the liquid through cheesecloth into another large bottle, must be no longer than 3/4 of its volume.We put on the fermentation, the neck close cloth cotton plug and medical gloves.

7-10 days add the second part of the sugar.Professionals recommend to do the first filling of juice with honey, and the second is already on sugar - the same proportion.

Step 3 - fermentation

Fermentation of apple juice for wine enough to get a delicious drink needs leaven.It can be done by putting 150-200 g of raisins in a half-liter bottle and pour boiling water for three quarters.The neck should be closed with cotton wool, put the bottle to heat.After 3-4 days leaven is ready and it can be applied to the wort.The bottle was put in a warm place and close the cotton plug, it will provide the air flow and the first days of fermentation it is needed.

After 5 days, when fermentation will be strong, we must put a dowel or fermenting water trap.You can manage and rubber gloves - there will be no difference.

Step 4 - separation of wort

rapid fermentation lasts 10-14 days, then began a period of quiet fermentation - it lasts 6-8 weeks.In the process of sugar residues converted to alcohol and carbon dioxide, and yeast and pulp deposited on the bottom.The contents of the bottle should be split into two layers: the muddy sediment and clear wine.

When this happens it's time to drain the wine - the easiest way to do it with a hose.Tanks with wine infused wool clogs, and two days later the usual jams that fill the top with paraffin.

Step 5 - excerpt

young apple wine made on this recipe needs a six-month exposure.Keep it should be at a temperature no higher than 10-15 °.

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