Why rush pancakes

first pancake, as they say, it turns lumpy.But what do you do if torn or removed not only the first but also the second and third pancakes?Do not be upset, and to read this post until the end, in fact, today we give you a few tips using which your pancakes are easily removed without tearing and delight your good taste.

The reason that pancakes while turning torn, there may be several:
1. failure to comply with the proportions during kneading,
2. violation of preparation technology test,
3. unsuitable pan.

Much of the success depends on making pancakes compliance proportions of ingredients required for kneading.Very often, the reason that flipping pancakes during rush, considered a lack of flour and / or eggs in the test .Deficiency of these products are not the best way affects the viscosity and stickiness, which are the cause of the destruction of pancakes rollover.Correct the situation is simple - add a little flour into the dough, and a couple of eggs, mix well, you can use a whisk, and start


scrap pancakes may due to the fact that in the test lots of butter and / or sugar .When pancakes contain a lot of sugar, they get stiff, burn up and break down.Oversupply of vegetable oil in the test threatens that will crack upon heating the batter.What do you do in this case?Add dough little milk or water.

Some mistresses who love culinary experiments, put in the dough for pancakes all kinds of additives (for example, cocoa powder, vanilla sugar).However, we must remember that the additional ingredients in the dough can help to ensure that the pancakes tear.What do you think, maybe, to take advantage of the old-retseptikom without frills?

If you are sure that the proportions were observed, but the pancakes still does not work out, it is possible that you have violated the technology of preparation of the test.There is a certain sequence of mixing .Eggs should be divided into whites and yolks should be the last with sugar, and whip the whites with the salt.Then gently pour the egg into the liquid base (milk, yogurt, fermented baked milk, etc.).By the way, on yogurt pancakes rush more frequently than those that are cooked in milk.Once the flour is added, but before you send it into the dough, it is necessary to sift.This procedure will satisfy the flour weight oxygen and give airy pancakes.At the end you need to add a little baking soda (and vinegar to extinguish it is not necessary) and pour vegetable oil.Well, it would seem, all the technologies are met, it's time to start baking pancakes.But do not hurry!Allow the dough to stand for 10-15 minutes.During this time the dough attains adhesiveness, and thus the risk that the tear pancakes during baking, will be minimized.

until dough insisted no harm will be to prepare a suitable pan.For baking pancakes recommended to use cast iron skillet .Very often the worst-first is obtained from the fact that the dishes were badly warmed, so putting a pan on the fire wait.Do not be amiss before you begin baking, overtempered little salt in a pan.Some hostesses on failure during baking pancakes use the following trick - lubricate the pan with a piece of bacon, pancakes after such a procedure are not torn and well shot.

confident, after you see the offer us the secrets of baking pancakes, they go so far as you are always a success, which means you'll pamper their loved ones more often.

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