How to make coffee in Turku

Natural coffee - a grain of green coffee cherries to growing in the tropics.Delicate aroma and a familiar brown coffee gets only through proper roasting.The influence of this delicious drink on the human body are constant disputes.But we have already proved that if the coffee consumed in moderation, it is not only not harmful, but rather enhances the thought process, increases resistance to stress and improves the response.

There are many ways to make coffee in a special Turk, with nearly every fan of the drink uses its own, unique and honed over the years the way.At the same time identified a number of basic principles of preparation of good coffee in Turku, which is followed in every case without exception.

Preferably, the Turk, which is used for brewing coffee, was made of copper and teaspoon - of silver.Himself coffee should be ground very finely, "to dust» .The water is suitable for coffee or Kolodeznaya or filtered tap (bottled, tap or hot water is not used).

Cook coffee in Turku - the main r

first step of cooking is a must warm the Turks - it warm up a little on the small fire, then poured coffee.The optimal number is easy to determine - usually take one teaspoon of a small cup, if you want a stronger drink, you need to take a little more powder.From coffee to fill a pinch of salt - connoisseurs claim that this will strengthen the flavor of the drink.

Then Turk ground coffee re-heated in the heat without water, then it is time to add sugar and spices.Please note that it is not necessary to go to far spices, mixing several kinds of time - they should complement the taste of coffee, but not be its foundation.The coffee is added ginger, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and honey - is a matter of personal taste.

Sugar, spice and coffee mixed in Turku, and then send it again on low heat.Then pour cold pots, and better ice water, gently stir the contents, and again put on fire.It is worth noting that the level of water at the same time reach the narrowest space on Turk - surface contact with the air of coffee thanks to this will be minimal, allowing better describe its aroma and taste.

drink While basking in the pre-cooked cup of coffee you can pour boiling water to warm them slightly.Experts say that a cup of cold can ruin the taste and aroma of the best coffee.When the coffee slightly warmed, it is necessary to again stir - as a result you get a light foam , which can be carefully removed and put into cups, pre-pouring water from them.This procedure can be repeated several times -after heating-stirring coffee on the surface of the beverage each time will go up a small amount of foam.

When the coffee is enough to warm up, it will go up in Turku. must have time to remove it from the fire at the last moment before boiling drink , not letting him pour.After this, the coffee is cool for a few seconds until the foam does not fall, and then again sent to the fire until boiling.This procedure can be done two or three times - it helps to better describe the taste and flavor of the finished drink.

A few tips

to drink to get high quality, long grain roasted in an open container can not be stored.In just 10 minutes of air most of the unique flavor simply disappears.An important role is played by grinding - the finer it is, the tastier will be coffee.The drink is prepared just a few minutes, and in that short time the coffee should have time to give the water its unique properties.The finer the grind, the greater the contact area of ​​the grains with water, therefore, the process goes faster.Finely ground coffee will rise up before boiling.Such a coffee foam is denser, it is as if the plug is located between the air and water at the narrow neck of the Turks, preventing the evaporation of the aroma.

Sugar is added before cooking , so he dissolved before the drink is ready.And if you pour sugar in a cup, then stir, then kofeinki long will settle and drink at this time to cool down.Furthermore, syrup, in which solution becomes sugar and increases the boiling water.Without sugar bubbles would be formed quickly, boiling would occur more rapidly, reducing the cooking time, as the process is stopped with prior boiling.Foam also kept better in the beverage in which sugar is put before cooking.

Do not increase the rate of coffee, enough 1-2 teaspoons per cup.For better taste of it will not change, and large amounts of caffeine will give drink bitterness.And health is not very good.

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