Brewing and drinking Puer

proper tea ceremony - a refined art.Especially when it comes to the preparation of such a fine drink as tea Puer.In itself, the raw material for his valued today at a premium.This is not surprising, because the Puer goes a very long process by which acquires excellent taste.However, they can be easily lost if brewing Puer in the usual way, paying no attention to the subtleties and nuances, which over the centuries have formed during this Chinese tea ceremony, which is called Gonfu and employs more than 12 centuries.

How to brew tea Puer

First you need to take care of the special dishes that should be made of clay and covered with icing .For the ceremony Gonfu today you can pick up a cup of tea and easily, even if they are made from raw material produced in central Russia.The main thing that he teapot was relatively small and stir an approximately 110-120 ml of water.Such a small amount because Pu erh tea is brewed just one cup.So if you love to receive visitors, you need to take care of a few minia

ture teapots.However, the problem can be solved more simply, if you buy a special tea set gaiwan.It consists of clay cups without handles, lids, which she served, and saucers.In this case, Puer can brew directly into the cup, that is not incompatible with the Chinese tradition, although it is considered bad form.After all, in this way the tea is prepared only for those who can not boast of prosperity, and this separation tradition goes back centuries.However, during the reign of the Ming Dynasty, similar discrepancies in the tea ceremony were smoothed, and today only pedants pay attention to what exactly this tea pot is brewed.

Unlike other varieties Puer is marketed in the form of pressed pellets that can be stored for decades , without losing its beneficial properties and wonderful flavor.To make a tea, in addition will have to acquire special miniature knife with a sharp tip, with which should be carefully separate the tea leaves, trying not to bruise or damage.Then you need to calculate the amount of tea to brew one.It is believed that to achieve the ideal ratio of the fortress, flavor and useful properties of Puer be brewed at the rate of 1 g of tea 30 ml of water.Thus, the standard Chinese teapot or cup from a set gaiwan take approximately 4 grams Puer tea.

Before proceeding to the tea ceremony, should be rinsed with hot water all the dishes, then pour in a cup of tea or a suitable amount of Puer and fill it with water at a temperature of approximately + 80-95 degrees.After waiting for 15 seconds, the water should be poured, as the first welding, according to the tea ceremony, is never used.It is believed that in this way not only Pu erh purified from possible dust and dirt, but also from harmful substances found in the leaves.But the second welding drinkable and has all the necessary qualities Puer - astringency, moderate viscosity, aroma and amazing taste.However these properties will characterize tea only if it is filled with water at a temperature of + 80-85 degrees .At the same time, the brewing Puer should not exceed 1.5-2 minutes.However, it is determined on an individual basis, because someone like really tart and strong drink, and someone prefers light and Puer tonic with a mild flavor and a rich palette of floral scents.In this case, you should pay attention to one more subtlety.If you want to enhance the taste of Puer, then it is brewed in a pot, which is covered with a glaze the outer part, and the insides are clay.Moreover, such a cup or teapot should only be used for Puer.Over time, the clay absorbs the unique flavor of the drink and will be painted each piece Puer special, very rich and noble taste.

Brew Puer can present up to 10 12 times .In addition, each new piece beverage will have a slightly different taste and aroma.However, it should be borne in mind that each time will have to increase the welding time to time to drink a good brew and find the fortress.True connoisseurs Puer drink it without any additives, without using the sugar and milk, because they believe that it impairs the taste of the beverage.However, if you want you can add to the tea a little honey, which will give Pu-erh is very thin and refined aroma.In addition, it may be used during a tea ceremony chocolate or chocolate candy, any dried fruit, sweet and salted nuts, as well as muffins, cakes and cookies.

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