Harmful if high heel?

Shoes with high heels In the world there are not so many women are not wearing at least once in their life, high-heel shoes.For many years high-heeled shoes, heels are the standard of femininity and style, a classic in the world of fashion.

Visually high heels makes a woman taller and slimmer, it is able to correct figure flaws , to give a general image of elegance and seduction at least one pair of shoes with a heel, must be present in the wardrobe of any modern woman.But, probably, we all experience relief when coming home after a hard day spent mostly on the legs, remove shoes or sandals, and enjoy the freedom and ease.

question arises, it is useful and safe for the health of our legs wearing high heel shoes?Doctors say that the frequent wearing of heeled shoes on this shifts the center of gravity and increases the pressure on our cross-arch of the foot, which may occur as a result of the displacement of all the parts of the spine, especially the lumbar-sacral, which will be accompanied by constant back pain and ca

n lead next to a pretty serious problemam.No problems can arise not only from the back, and with his feet, as there is a risk of arthritis, sprains foot, offset joints.

In view of the foregoing it is not necessary to wear high heels, but we should not abandon them altogether.All useful and harmless in moderation, but even in flat shoes a woman can feel confident in comfort and style.

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