From what to wear Oxfords

Classic men's oxfords shoes are "descendants" of leather boots, which sported a British student in the mid-19th century.Over time, oxfords has modified not only become a classic men's shoes, but also began to be issued in the women's version.However, if the stronger sex oxfords are a fixture of business clothes, the lady free to combine them with a variety of outfits .Moreover, in this case, everything depends not only on the taste preferences of holders of stylish Oxford, but also on the type of shoe.

So, classic oxfords flat shoes without stamping and soaked in black and brown colors , are ideal for any business suit.These shoes not only looks graceful and elegant, emphasizing the high status of its owner, but also allows a woman during the workday feel pretty comfortable.Therefore, today is a great alternative Oxfords dress shoes with high heels, which, although they look quite attractive, but often deliver the fairer sex a lot of problems and discomfort.

colored oxfords with perforation (a fa

ncy embossed on the nose) are ideally suited to any type of casual clothes .For example, they blend perfectly with skinny jeans and jumpers.This dress casual style is perfect for everyday life, allowing teeter on the brink of officialdom and democracy.In addition, you can use instead of sweaters man's shirt, which in this case should wear trousers complete with free jacket or elongated jacket - parka or windbreaker.

no less delicately colored oksofrdy will look with wide trousers, a shirt and a leather vest.This option will suit the bright clothes for women who want such an unusual way to highlight features of their appearance.Do not give up in order to wear oxfords with a short skirt or a dress.For this purpose, with success suit both the classic models of shoes, and their female version, equipped with a small heel.

Buying oxfords, should take into account that the unspoken rules of wearing them stipulate that the ankle should always be open .Therefore, choose a shoe is a truncated model of trousers and jeans.The ideal option is capris and bridges, as well as fashionable now breeches through which you can experiment with their own way, becoming a supporter of aristocratic or informal social movements.In addition, quite attractive and original looks oxford combination with long fluffy skirt.This duo present and romance and aristocracy, and rigor.However, admirers of small too, should not deny yourself the pleasure to try oxfords for elegant summer dress or a short tight skirt.

Note that initially Oxfords were still men's shoes, therefore, selecting clothes for them, it is necessary to give up all kinds of bows, flounces and ruches.All things must be sufficiently simple and elegant, as only in this case can be achieved in harmony to create an image.Despite the fact that many designers are advised to wear oxfords with socks only, this option looks too provocatively.In summer, we can safely shod boots on bare feet, and in the cold time of year to use thick tights or stockings, chosen to match the shoes.

should also take into account that Oxfords suited to almost any type of clothing.However, this golden rule there is one exception, and that is an evening dress, if the combination of men oxford with tailcoat is a sign of good taste, the woman comes to a ball or a secular reception in men's shoes is absolutely contraindicated.

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