Fashionable fur autumn-winter 2010-2011

Fashionable women soon on our continent will come winter, and it is always associated with frost, snow and ... fur coats.Women who used to keep up with the latest fashion, you can not do without updating their winter wardrobe. Shuba is not just a comfortable, warm and beautiful top winter clothing, it's just the style and fashion.

This year trendy shaggy fur coats, both from natural and artificial fur.Thick fur may be natural, but can also be made in geometric patterns of a plurality of pieces vystrizhen or horizontal stripes.The most fashionable coats have three-dimensional shapes;silhouette "hourglass";three quarters of a sleeve;collar clamp.Also new this winter-coat adorned with rhinestones, but you need to be careful, because too much paste can make cheap fur coat in appearance. Fashion hooded coat.They not only update the image, but also warm the head in a cold winter day.This coat may be of any length.Lovers of long outerwear note: Not out of fashion coats "at the floor."Volume increased collar and shoulders wi

ll give a long fur coat elegance.When choosing a coat this year, you can please a woman with any taste, because the trendy colors are so varied.This black, white, gray, red, various shades of brown, silver and figure "under the leopard."Any fashionista will be able to pick up a coat the color of eyes, hair, to a certain costume or accessory.This year, the most fashionable coat of mink, fox, sheep, rabbits, chinchillas and lynx.

And I would like to add that when buying fur need to give preference to well-established firms and shops.Do not buy such an expensive thing on the market and unknown brands - you run the risk of running into a low-quality product.And that it did not pay attention to our advice.

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