Signs: sprinkle salt

In ancient times, salt was worth its weight in gold.Allow to eat what we now call blasphemous white death, could only the rich, the poor exposed the salt shaker on the table only when greeted guests.Since then, and I went to sign, whereby sprinkle salt was considered a bad omen, foreboding quarrel .

Today few people know about the origin of the signs, but all firmly believe that if you sprinkled salt, nothing good can be expected.We hasten to inform you that this is totally wrong, and conducting certain rituals you will be able to extricate itself from a meeting with adversity and by quarrels.

So, if you sprinkled salt , you must do one of the following proposed method.

1. laughed, thus you show others that you do not have evil thoughts.After that it is necessary to throw a pinch of salt over your left shoulder, because it is believed that it is for the left shoulder sits the tempter.

2. Speak with a smile «Salt water is not all gone without a trace» .

3. Remove spilled salt and a little sugar

to spill.

As you can see, everyone, even the seemingly bad, signs can be turned into a positive.Remember, what happens is what we believe in, so believe only good and it will happen in your life!

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