Why dream of a fur coat

Shuba dream may be a symbol of the future as a successful and prosperous life, and indicate your excessive demands and pretense.

To measure a dream coat promises material prosperity.Profit promises a dream in which you buy in the store or select a fur coat.

Luxury coat dream is a warning that we should not show off their wealth, this will only cause you're the envy of others.Oblezshaya, worn coat says about your shake, they say, the thick, it is empty.

see myself naked in front windows with coats promises disappointment and the collapse of all hopes.To see a naked man in a fur coat dream betrayal on the part of the person to whom you are currently trust the most.Dreamed of a small child, dressed in a fur coat adult, it says that your new friend is not so authoritative, what is at the present time.

If you dream dog tore your coat , it promises troubles and conflicts.It is considered a bad omen and a dream in which you have torn or ripped his coat as promises breakup with someone from the fami

ly.So too it is a dream in which you sewed or sewed fur clothing.

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