What scratched left eye

Will very much, literally on every step, every small everyday event, a slight change in the state of health can remember superstition.To omens do not interfere with live peacefully, they should be treated with a hint of irony, they may need in order to make our lives brighter and more interesting?Besides, every bad omens there a way to avoid its consequences - simple manipulation and avoids the bad side of man.Black cat is not afraid, if we take as a button, and not be broken because of the clothes can be worn inside out asking someone not much to slap you.

There are a number of signs, which foretell the future by the scabies - combed every part of the body has its hidden meaning.

For example, what is scratched left eye?It is believed that it may be scratched to tears, quarrels, money, unexpected news, good luck.The results are mutually exclusive, is not it? to bad did not happen, it is necessary to put the unit to transfer a good omen in the mainstream .Combed left eye, perhaps it to tears - so it i

s necessary to go into the kitchen and cut onions, that's you and tears!More weep you this day is not necessary.To avoid strife, it is necessary to go to the window, wipe the eyes with your fingertips from the outer corner of the eye to the inside and blow away with her hands all the "stuff" with the words: speck, speck, out of the eye, I do not need a quarrel from the evil eye.Doing this - rest assured, will not quarrel.

To attract money, scratched left eye, take this hand bill, rub it and put it in the left pocket to corner sticking out.Periodically touch him and looked left eye on the coin.

Some sources say that the left eye itches to luck when she flies around.To catch it, you have to scratch your eye, and then abruptly clap your hands in front of his nose.

Another reason for the itching sensation in the left eye may be welcome news.If you have long been waiting for news from the person resolving the dispute, probably from day to day, after I started to scratch his left eye, you get the news.In order not to burn with curiosity, you can connect yourself with family, friends, colleagues and find out what they have for you new.

Young mothers are often left eye itches if , when the child is threatening some danger, and for him to look better.To avert the negative of the baby, ventilate the house and clothes and shoes worn by the week, clean and wash.Thoroughly clean up themselves, but rather go to the bath.

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