Why dream of a crocodile

Crocodile in a dream is a warning , that in life you should be careful, because you in serious danger.Often such a dream suggests that you run the risk of being cheated, you can bring the people you feel close to themselves.

dream hunt crocodile means in real life, you will soon get rich.Shoot with crocodile skin indicates that the public will know what you are trying to keep secret, as a result of your reputation might suffer.

walk on the back of a crocodile warns you of impending trouble, but to get rid of them as soon as possible, you will need as little as possible to be frank with strangers.

feed the crocodile in his sleep out of his hands , but as well as to try to tame it says that you will make it up to you with an unpleasant person, but a truce would be short-lived because soon you will betray it again.

Become a victim of an attack in his sleep crocodile also warns that the person to whom you are trust, will show its true face traitor.After this incident, you will be wary of all th

e people around you, thus you risk offending his loyal friends.It is considered favorable dream in which attempts will be in vain crocodile catch up with you on the land.This dream promises success in business, the seemingly doomed.Watch how it tormented amphibian prey, it says that in real life you will witness a dishonorable act, but you can not in any way affect this situation.

Couple fighting crocodiles dream is a projection of what in your real life, there are two competing with each other people.This dream warns the dreamer that he is in any case should not interfere in their affairs, because of this, you run the risk of seriously affected.

There dream crocodile meat says that you will achieve your goals, you will find rich rewards, as well as how much and respect the people around you.

If you dream you saw a picture of a crocodile (on a sign, stamp, photos, etc.), it is a harbinger of what you can be involved in the illegal business man who is now considered a friend.To avoid trouble, try not to tempt fate and do not give the feelings and persuasion.

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