Clean child - it's not right

Many parents want their little kid was neat and tidy.It is understandable, because for such a child to care much easier.
However, if the child is constantly cleaning - it's either a bored child or the child has only recently emerged from the bathroom, or the child is not very healthy.Maybe that's fun - enjoy the neat boy or a girl.But let the joy gets you is not particularly common.After the child is inherently very curious, it is interesting to go somewhere climb.And, of course, with dirty.

Cleanliness child should be one which meets the requirements to it in connection with the need to ensure his health - no more, no less.Other should not matter.And he looks like between cleaning and washing is also not important (in addition to those cases where you're going with him on holiday or to the doctor).For the child it is advisable to apply as a worker who is pure only to working life, and after it.But during the day it is required work clothes, you do not mind dirty.

Did someone make a remark about the

neatness of your child.But perhaps, this man has no children of their own.

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