Tirana family

sufferers of domestic violence, women often turn to psychologists or lawyers.But unfortunately this happens only when the situation reaches a critical limit, ie, when the husband is simply thrown out of the house, or does not provide funds for one reason- suschestvovaniyu.Esche bowl overflows terpeniya- many women suffer from the tyranny of dozens let.VIf so, they need to have something like first psychological assistance.

For women come clogged, trampled, humiliated, completely lost confidence, but fortunately in the process of self-help that they find again.Their muzhya- tyrants naturally do not expect anything like this and learn that their "powerless" half went to court, become submissive ovechkami.Udivitelno - dependent on these men get even educated and intelligent zhenschiny.V any case, any woman should remembershe has the right.

If it beat, it is necessary to contact the police immediately or in the same sud.Esli trudnodokazuemo violence, that is the husband has no bruises or uses such forms

of violence as a moral or economic, the wife can apply for razvod.Ona is entitled to half of the acquired inmarital property, alimony, and the most important thing is to remember the violence nebeznakazanno!

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