Ginger raises or lowers blood pressure

Many people suffering from hypertension, it is very attentive to the choice of food.After all, some fruits and vegetables can reduce blood pressure, while others, on the contrary, contribute to its increase.To avoid mistakes, you need to know what properties have a variety of plants and, in particular, so popular nowadays ginger, which is considered the king of spices.

ordering rolls at the sushi bar or buying a fragrant pastries, you can easily run into this popular roots.In addition, ginger is added to salads and drinks used to improve the palatability of fish and meat, as well as used as an effective means to combat obesity.But is it necessary to include in the diet of people suffering from hypertension?

Ginger for lowering blood pressure

medical response in this case is ambiguous, though it has long been proven that ginger is really quite beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system and helps to fight hypertension.Moreover, if you do not have medicines that enough to eat a piece of ginger ro

ot, dipped it in sugar or honey to get rid not only of the "stars" before his eyes, but also on the throbbing headache .In fact, ginger is an excellent pain reliever, which by its efficacy and safety can easily compete with the no-shpoy.However, there are some limitations, because of which should not be abused ginger people who have diagnosed hypertension.


First of all, this applies to those who every day trying to bring down blood pressure with medication. Ginger is incompatible with many drugs and can cause the body's complex chemical reactions .In some cases, you can get poisoned, others - potentiation of drops or tablets, because of which the pressure drops to a critical level, in the third - to achieve the opposite effect.Therefore we should not be treated ginger, if before you have taken drugs that lower blood pressure. is strictly forbidden to use this spice to people who suffer from diabetes or diseases of the gastrointestinal tract .After all, the pressure drop due to exacerbation of these diseases - too high a fee for trying to restore health.In general, if you decide to use ginger to combat hypertension, you should always consult with a cardiologist to help avoid complications and select the optimal daily dose of this product is to normalize blood pressure.

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