What foods contain vitamin E

For most people today, on hearing a word like antioxidants - substances that prevent the natural aging of the organism, the destruction of the internal organs, muscles, bones and skin.However, few people know that the most powerful natural antioxidant is vitamin E, which performs a variety of functions.Primarily, it energizes the body's cells, simulating their growth and division.As a result, updated the skin, hair and nails.Plus, vitamin E perfectly strengthens blood vessels, protecting them from brittleness, which in turn helps to avoid many serious diseases, one of which is a stroke.Another useful property of vitamin E is that it promotes the liquefaction of the blood and prevent the formation of thrombi.Thus the scope of this substance is to control the metabolic processes in the muscle tissue.

Why vitamin E body

Vitamin E is often referred to as female, since its shortage in the body is one of the most common causes of infertility.Plus, it is a useful substance stimulates the heart muscle, whil

e contributing to reduce the pressure, accelerates metabolism in the liver and kidneys.Those individuals in which the body of vitamin E, not only often complain of chronic fatigue, but also for vision problems, apathy or, conversely, increased aggression, dryness of the epidermis and the appearance of dark spots on the skin.In addition, a lack of vitamin E in the body leads to the development of muscular dystrophy, motor coordination disorders, sexual disorders, problems with teeth, hair and nails.

daily requirement of vitamin E

daily requirement of the human body in vitamin E is determined by the age and body weight.For children up to one year, which is actively formed bone and muscular system, it is necessary to receive daily at least 0.5 mg / kg of the substance. In adults, the need for vitamin E slightly below and is only 0.3 mg / kg .When this is not necessarily clearly observe these proportions, since vitamin E tends to accumulate in the body.Thus, in contrast to other substances, it is practically not excreted then feces and urine.Much more disastrous for him is direct sunlight.This is why people who lack vitamin E should be less sun exposure and, if possible, to refuse access to the beach.However, from the effects of ultraviolet light in the summer organism that no one is safe, so in this period, doctors recommend to eat as much as possible of products containing this component.

Which contains vitamin E

Vitamin E - a very common substance that is part of the food of both vegetable and animal origin.There is a fairly large group of foods that can provide the daily requirement of man in this vitamin.First of all, it's cereal, so those who want to make up for a lack of vitamin E in the body, should be included in the daily diet of wholemeal bread, barley, corn, or oatmeal, wheat germ, as well as baked goods made from wheat flour.Additionally, vitamin E is contained in excess in carrots, fresh green peas, beans, potatoes, lettuce, spinach, celery, and various types of nuts.Moreover, the leaders in this respect are peanuts, cashews and hazelnuts.Another source of vitamin E is recognized as soybeans, however, due to the fact that many of its varieties have been genetically modified, this product should behave with extreme caution.It is much safer to replace soybean vegetable oils such as corn, cottonseed, linseed or olive oil, which today can be purchased at almost any supermarket.However, it should be remembered that any heat treatment products, which include vitamin E, leading to its collapse.This is the reason to eat meat and eggs, which contain this important component, it is meaningless.An exception is the dried sausage and bacon, which vitamin E is still present.

As for the food of animal origin , then for replenishment of the substance in the body is to eat without exception, dairy products, especially cheese, hard cheeses and butter.Well, in the summer, when fruits and vegetables in abundance, it is possible to include in the diet of pears, green onions, plums, rose hips and sea buckthorn, and currant, chokeberry and blackberry.

We should not forget that the increased concentration of vitamin E in the body can lead to certain health problems.Despite the fact that this material is absolutely non-toxic in large quantities, it often provokes vomiting, diarrhea, general weakness and increased blood pressure.

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