What foods contain vitamin A

Vitamin A, known as retinol, is one of the first vitamin that was discovered by scientists.Exploring its impact on the human body, experts have concluded that vitamin A is responsible for visual acuity and produces the correct perception of the luminous flux of the retina, promotes hair growth and nails, as well as the ideal state of the skin.For example, vitamin A deficiency in adolescence often leads to acne, and in old age - to the development of cataracts.Additionally, retinol responsible for bone growth and fast response of the organism to the level of reflection, helps to concentrate and strengthens the immune system suppresses the malignant tumor and stimulates regenerative functions.

The rate of consumption of vitamin A

is noteworthy that the only body that is able to store vitamin A in the human body and in the body of animals, is the liver.It was she who accumulates the retinol reserves which usually lasts for 2-3 months.If they are not regularly replenished, then very soon you may experie

nce a variety of health problems. first a lack of vitamin A in the body tend to react nails and hair , which become brittle and start to exfoliate.Then the gums start to bleed, and sharply deteriorating eyesight.To avoid this, an adult should receive daily with food at least 800 mg of retinol.For children and adolescents this rate ranges between 400-600 ml per day, and for pregnant and lactating women is about 1000-1200 mg.

Which contains vitamin A

list of products that contain vitamin A, quite huge and diverse. First of all, it is the food of animal origin - all kinds of liver and eggs, chicken eggs, some varieties of fish (cod, capelin, mackerel).In addition, vitamin A rich dairy products, but the greatest concentration of retinol reaches cottage cheese, hard cheeses, cheese, cream, condensed milk, cream and butter.We should also highlight the cod liver oil, which is now on a par with beef and pork liver is one of the most important sources of vitamin A.

Herbal group of products that contain retinol , presented in the first place, all kinds of herbs, which serve as foodfor various animals.A huge amount of this vitamin found in the stems of the dandelion, sorrel leaves, garlic, mother and stepmother, plantain.In addition, carrots are rich in vitamin A, sea buckthorn, red and black chokeberry, onions, some kinds of cabbage, celery, parsley, dill and coriander.Those who want to compensate for a deficiency of retinol in the body, you should definitely include in the daily diet of fresh fruits such as apricots, persimmon, melon, peach, plum and cherry plum.In addition, it is recommended constantly eat fresh tomatoes and sweet peppers, artichoke, zucchini and eggplant.But hips, on the contrary, accumulating a vitamin A only after dry .Therefore, they are well-brewed with boiling water, and the resulting drink is used instead of the usual coffee.Likewise, you can make tea with fresh cranberry fruits that are rich in retinol.To this should be only a small amount of grind sugar, then pour the resultant mixture of hot water.

Vitamin A - the danger of overdose

maintain the level of vitamin A in the body should be kept, but it is not necessary to hold to his liver and loaded foods rich in retinol, in unlimited quantities.Excess of this vitamin enough detrimental to health and is often the cause of diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, headaches, depression and increased dryness of the skin.

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