Liver cutlets from beef liver

Few know that burgers can be cooked not only from meat and fish, but also from the liver.This dish turns out tasty, nutritious and useful, because pechenochka - a real storehouse of valuable for the body of macro- and micronutrients.We know a great number of recipes liver cutlets.In most cases, the list of products and method of cooking is almost the same, except for some nuances.We decided to offer you 3 simple, but it's also very tasty beef cutlets retseptik pechenochki.

cutlets beef liver with the addition of oatmeal

You will need:
• beef liver - 400 grams,
• chicken egg - 2 pieces,
• onions - 2 pieces,
• oat flakes - 4 tablespoons,
•sour cream - 2 tablespoons (can substitute mayonnaise),
• wheat flour - 1 tablespoon,
• ground black pepper - to taste,
• salt - to taste,
• Vegetable oil - for frying.

method for preparing
1. my liver.Purified from plenochek and bile ducts.Finely cut.
2. Onions clean.My.Finely chop.
3. Oat flakes chipped in a coffee grinder.
4. Mix the liver, onion, egg

s, sour cream / mayonnaise and spices.Thoroughly mix.
5. Add the weight of oat crumbs.Leave for 10 minutes.
6. If, after this time, mince obtain a liquid, you can add the flour and start frying.
7. In a pan warm up the oil.
8. Pouring liver beef in boiling oil, form patties.Fry on both sides over moderate heat until tender.
9. Serve burgers on the table with your favorite side dishes - mashed potatoes, boiled rice or spaghetti.Bon Appetit!

Liver chops with rice

You will need:
• beef liver - 500 grams,
• Rice - 100 grams,
• flour - 200 grams,
• carrots - 1 piece,
• onions - 1 pc,
•Garlic - 5 cloves,
• ground black pepper - to taste,
• salt - to taste,
• Vegetable oil - for frying.

method for preparing
1. Figure boil.
2. my liver.Remove plenochki and veins.Mince.
3. Onions clean.My.Finely cut or mince.
4. Carrots are clean.Crushed in the same manner as onions.
5. Garlic clean.We passed through the press.
6. Mix the liver, rice, carrot, onion and garlic.Salt, pepper.Thoroughly mix.
7. Add the minced flour and mix thoroughly again.
8. Armed with a tablespoon or ladle, spread the stuffing in boiling oil, forming patties.Fry until cooked on both sides.
9. Hot liver meatballs can be served to the table, both as an independent appetizer and garnish with.An excellent option is considered to be the last figure, because otvarivaya rump for stuffing, you can slightly increase the dose, so just take care of the garnish.Eat to your health!

liver cutlets stuffed with mushrooms and cheese

You will need:
• Beef liver - 500 grams,
• onions - 1 pc,
• chicken egg - 1 piece,
• wheat flour - 3-4 tablespoons,
• ground black pepper - to taste,
• salt - to taste,
• Vegetable oil - for frying.

For the filling:
• mushrooms - 200 grams,
• hard cheese - 100 grams,
• green onions - 1 bunch,
• salt - to taste.

method for preparing
1. my liver.Purified from the film, and tubes.Mince.
2. Onions clean.My.Ground in a meat grinder.
3. Mix the onions and the liver.Add the egg, salt, pepper and flour.Thoroughly mix.
4. Mushrooms clean.Finely cut.Fried in vegetable oil.
5. Chives mine.Finely crumble.
6. Grate cheese.
7. Mix sauteed mushrooms, green onions and cheese.If necessary, a little salt the.
8. Heat the vegetable oil in a frying pan.
9. The hot oil in batches pour beef liver, forming patties future.Put on top of a little cheese and mushroom filling and cover the meat.Fry until cooked on both sides.
10. Ready cutlets spread on a serving dish and decorate a table useful yummy.

Dear visitors of our portal, and you spoil your favorite cutlets from beef liver?We would appreciate if you inform the recipe for which you prefer to cook them in the comments to the text.

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