Salad "Fairy Tale" with chicken, mushrooms and walnuts

Despite the fact that today in the web you can find a lot of recipes for salads, many housewives are so conservative that treat guests is always the same dishes.If you are used to surprise the household and guests all the time with new salads, you are sure to add to your cookbook recipe salad "Fairy Tale" with chicken, mushrooms and walnuts.

The name justifiably earned salad, because its flavor simply MAGIC, and settled on the table, he always turns any meal into a celebration.Attack?

You will need:
• chicken breast - 2 pieces,
• mushrooms - 500 grams,
• chicken egg - 6 pieces,
• onions - 2-3 pieces,
• Nuts - 1/2 cup,
•mayonnaise - for refueling,
• salt - to taste,
• ground black pepper - to taste.

method for preparing
1. Chicken breasts boil until tender (cook need about 25-30 minutes after boiling).Let cool and dismantle the fibers.Divide into 2 equal parts.
2. Mushrooms cut.Boil.Recline in a colander.
3. Onions clean.My.Cut into strips.
4. Mushrooms and onions simmer in a pan.Season wi

th salt.The resulting mass divide into 2 parts.
5. boil hard boiled eggs.Clean.Rubbed on a coarse grater.Also, divide into 2 equal parts.
6. Walnuts shred (you can chop a knife or grate).Divide into 2 parts.
Once all the ingredients for the salad "Skazka" ready, you are ready to assemble.
7. Spread on a serving plate half boiled chicken breasts.
8. The next layer - half the mushrooms and onions.A little pepper.Grease a small amount of mayonnaise.
9. Puts half the chopped nuts.Grease a little mayonnaise.
10. After going all the eggs, this layer should also be fluff with mayonnaise.
11. Then, lay the chicken.Lubricates mayonnaise.
12. On the chicken put the mushrooms and onions.Do not forget to spread with mayonnaise.
13. The next layer - egg.It should also soak mayonnaise.
14. Sprinkle salad with nuts and send in the refrigerator for a few hours, so he soaked.

«Tale" will decorate any table.Just do not forget to warn visitors that this is a salad and dessert is not as confused quite simple!

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