How to choose a similar perfume?

How to choose a similar perfume? Perfume - this is a very personal and very individual thing.What one likes, can irritate the other.Moreover, different perfume felt on each person because of differences in the chemical composition of the body.And when you find a perfume that fits you perfectly, you truly happy.Often people prefer certain notes in the aroma of perfume.Some involve sea smells like another flavor of grass, while others like a sexy musk notes.If you are going to fill up the collection of spirits, you may want to find flavors including notes and components, similar to the ones that you like other spirits.Or it happens that favorite perfume is removed from production, so willy-nilly to seek a similar alternative.

1. Determine what the notes are part of the spirits that you like.So you will be easier to choose similar.Fragrances consist of top, middle and bottom notes.For example, if you often like spirits with a few notes of the citrus family, looking for perfume, which is dominated by citrus notes.Most likely, they will h

ave a similar smell.

2. Define a family of spirits that you are attracted to. Family spirits are several types : wood, citrus, oriental, floral, chypre and adelgidnye.Any perfumes fall into one of these categories.Determine which category your favorite perfume.

3. Go to the perfume department store.Usually there are samplers of spirits, so that you can try out the flavors are similar to each other, or with your favorite perfume.And, of course, in case of difficulty, you can ask the seller to advise you.

4. Make probes spirits.This is an excellent way to test a few different flavors.Take probes those spirits that enter the desired family of flavors and contain many of your favorite music.Probes can be purchased in the store and ordered online.


- always before you buy perfume, check, they will smell on the skin .

- Leave the perfume on the skin for at least 2 hours before you decide to buy it or not.

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