Stones in the color of the eyes

Stones in the color of the eyes Properly chosen precious or semi-precious stones can make a bright and shining most expressionless eyes.Many stones such as topaz and agate, there are many different shades that gives you innumerable choices.Choosing stones should dwell on those whose color matches the color of your eyes.Skin tone and hair color should also be taken into account.Choose those gems that is beneficial to shade your entire image.

Blue .

When you think about the blue stones to mind first and foremost come sapphires and rich color can accentuate dark blue eyes.Kyanite and lapis lazuli are also well suited to dark shades of blue eyes.But people with light-blue eyes can try to wear aquamarine and blue topaz.Aquamarine color of the sea water is also suitable for blue-green eyes.If you have a violet-blue eyes, think about iolite and tanzanite violet shades of blue.Another option for people with blue eyes are stone cold colors, such as opals and moonstones.

Green .

Emeralds - a luxurious choice for anyone who wants to make

brighter their green eyes.If you want to choose among the related stones, offers jadeite and nephrite variety of shades of green, and jade is cheaper.Peridot is found and green shades.A golden chrysolites look good with a greenish-brown eyes.Women with light green eyes is worth trying transparent green debate.

Brown .

profitable Otten stones brown eyes warm colors, such as gold-colored tiger's eye.Citrine - another stone, which is in different shades of gold: yellow to red.Dark brown eyes will give expressiveness rich shades of smoky quartz and dark red garnets.By the light hazel eyes and golden suits warm yellow beryl.Different shades of fire opals, from yellow to red-orange, look good with any brown eyes.

Gray .

If you have gray eyes, diamonds really are your best friends.Get a gray iris sparkling with stones cool shades of white or even transparent like a tear.Moonstone is found and smoke gray, which is also suitable for the gray eyes.There are also gray and white opal colors and impurities in them a different color will create an interesting effect.

Multicolored eye .

If you iris painted more than one color, you immediately expand the choice of stones.For example, if you have a greenish-brown eyes, you can choose the stones, which will emphasize green, blue and brown shades of the eye.You can select and multi-colored stone.Each andalusite comes in two colors, with options of yellow, brown, green and red.Another two-tone stone - ametryn, with shades of yellow and purple.A fluorite occurs in a very wide range of colors and shades.

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