Advice in the selection of clothing for large women

Do not assume that if you are a big woman, then you have to wear boring and dark things that can be found in large quantities in our stores.The average size of clothes increases along with it an increasing number of women who want to look fashionable and beautiful.To our happiness designers began to listen to the wishes of consumers and are now creating more interesting models for women with larger sizes.

But still it is difficult to find something interesting in many regions of our country.The most difficult - is to choose clothes that will hide flaws (they all are) and will look slimmer.We offer you tips that can help you choose the most suitable outfit.

Exact size and fit.

main problem in the selection of clothes is the size.Loose clothing figure adds volume too tight emphasizes the extra folds.Carefully check that the garment sits well on you.Ask the seller what the return policy of clothes before you commit to the purchase.

Choose the right underwear.

Underwear - is the foundation of our

appearance.Try to keep in stock underwear with sculpting effect.It will make you look much better.

Pay attention to the length.

Long blouses and shirts look more advantageous.In addition, they are now in vogue.In any case they are visually lengthen the figure.If possible, emphasize the waist belt, a belt or a scarf.

Avoid patterns.

Of course not all the patterns have to be afraid, but most of them are too burdened with details and visually enlarge you (especially small patterns).Prefer one color or two-color things.

correctly select the handbag.

Depending on what you need to always carry, choose a handbag medium or large size.Small bags look tiny in the hands of large women and this visually make the figure even more than it actually is.

Get to online stores.

Internet - is limitless choice of large dimensions.Here the most important thing - to find a store with which you will be comfortable (select, order, pay, etc.).Meet the proposals size table.Not all clothing is created equal.Sometimes the size of the different brands are different.Measure yourself periodically.Ask return policy.

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