Errors in clothes and how to avoid them

you do makeup, hair, dressed and ready to go.But wait.There is nothing worse than the little things that can ruin your whole look.
suggest you find a list of mistakes made by women.Perhaps you've noticed them when looked at other people, but they probably do not pay attention to these details.Look around.Such mistakes make by many.And some items are not only applicable to women.

wrong size.
baggy clothes visually adds to our weight.Too tight things accentuate unnecessary attention to every crease.Do not buy clothes with the expectation that when you lose weight, it will fit you.Looks good now!If the size of the tag you nervous, just cut it off.

crumpled clothes.
None delightful dress or a great costume does not help you to look elegant, if they look crumpled.Do not buy easily shrinkable clothes or keep the iron is always on hand.

Too much fashion.
Do not try to put on all the fancy gizmos in one day.Most likely you will look silly.

Traces of underwear.
select suitable underwear - bra should not bum

p you in the back, and shorts are strongly emphasized through clothing.If the laundry is sitting well, but the outlines still show through, so your clothes are too tight.

Linen for all to see.
underwear on the bottom and to the top of his clothes covered.Avoid public display of these items to your wardrobe.Pick up the correct height of the shoulder straps of her bra, so they will not fall, and if you put on pants with low waist, make sure that you have picked up the panties, too, with a low waist.

Slishkomo a lot of white.
White visually makes you more, so be careful with this color.Do not even think about what to wear white slacks or pantyhose, if your goal is not to make himself even more volume.

too short skirt or dress.
You should feel comfortable in the clothes.Make sure you can sit quietly, without thinking about what someone can see something extra.

Too many colors.
Do not mimic parrots and exotic birds.In this case, it seems that you could not decide on just one thing and put it all at once.Stick to the rules - do not combine more than three colors at once.

too many patterns.
Patterns - an insidious thing.Do not try to mix and match different types of patterns.They do not all go.But if you are lucky enough that manage to look good in everything, try to pick up her dress so that the patterns are up or down, but not up and down.

Unsuitable accessories.
Jewellery can either help you add elegance and ruin your whole outfit.Choose the right length necklace.Short chains and velvet ribbon makes larger neck.Do not overdo it.

dark clothes, light shoes.
or vice versa.Pick the color of clothes and shoes in the same scheme.White and black shoes suitable for everything, but make no mistake, combining light and dark tones.

and pay attention to the way other people look.If you do not like something, try to understand exactly what does not look right.Learn from the mistakes of others!

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